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Cookie Monster


Happy National Girl Scout Cookie Day! I was never a Scout, but I am a bit of a cookie monster and am always on the lookout for people at work with daughters that are selling so I can get my yearly fix (sorry for the drug allusion Girl Scouts, they are sugar narcotics, those cookies of yours). This morning I was reading a marketing newsletter in my work email (funny how information gets to you sometimes) and there was a feature on the Scouts and their delicious cookies because they are launching a seriously digital cookie-selling initiative this year. I plan on giving them my full support. Along with a revamped box design, they made a cookie-finding app AND they are driving a truck all around NYC today selling in midtown. It’s a no brainer. I’ll be stocking up on Samoas and Thin Mints. Maybe some Tagalongs for good measure. Snowstorm bliss. What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

TGIF and drive safely for those of you in the Northeast waiting for the snow to hit!


Photo courtesy of Girl Scouts

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