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Attached at the Hip | Oh did it snow?

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Magdalena: So there was a snow storm? How did I miss it? Sarcasm. Admittedly, I lucked out. Further up the Connecticut coast people got like 38″ of snow that had to removed with backhoes in addition to regular plows. I had a measly 15″ to clean off of my car. Normally this is where my sassy-self with limited patience would start freaking out but it was, sadly, excellent exercise. So excellent in fact that it earned me a buffalo chicken wrap with a side of onion rings. Chipotle dipping sauce of course was necessary without question. The side dish was due to the fact that I cleaned Agatha’s car as well. Not that I’m pointing fingers or anything.


Agatha: Sorry Sis that you had to clean my car. But thank you. I do appreciate it and I’m glad you got the side 🙂 I’m lucky to have a such a stellar sis. I was in good old NYC for the Nemo storm and it was lovely and much less terrifying than everyone hyped it up to be. I cancelled all my plans, watched House of Cards on Netflix until 3 a.m. (please watch it, Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey are perfection in it) and bought newspapers everyday, sipped coffee continuously, scoured my apartment, took a walk through Central Park to see the kiddies and pups going nuts in the powder (I have never seen the park that full outside of concerts). Sometimes you need a good, old-fashioned snowstorm to validate being delighfully unsocial and sipping hot cocoa after a cold walk or shoveling session. We Upstaters know that! I’m off to San Francisco this weekend to enjoy sweater weather for a few days, but maybe there will be a blizzard when I get back. TGIF!

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