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Let’s not keep it in the closet…


Since my final piece of Ikea furniture died the other week, I have become borderline obsessed with closet system options, armoires and general clothing storage. After many years of dedicated service, I pulled open my dresser drawer only to have its contents collapse onto the floor. After getting sufficiently pissed, I came to the realization that this opens the door for something I love doing. Picking out new furniture and actually buying it. Glorious.


Since then, I have been led back down the path of dressers. Do I want a tall one? A mirrored one? One with drawers on the bottom and cupboards on the top? Do I want to do built-ins on my bedroom wall and enlist California Closets team to create me something? I have become fixated on the idea of hiding the contents of my closet. Well that and everything else I own. But that’s what happens when you live in a small space right? You become preoccupied with where to stash shit, not how to display it. Then I realized all these storage options that actually display all the beautiful clothes that we spend so much time meticulously picking out. And why not? When beautifully displayed clothes are like wall art. As beautiful hanging as they are to wear.


photos courtesy of Pottery Barn

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