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A hop, skip and a 6-hour jump

photo 3

This is how San Francisco makes you feel… like jumping for joy. It’s gorgeous, the winter is like spring, and my best friends live there – what a combination. I just wish the jump to get there didn’t take quite as long. Five or six hours on the plane is totally do-able, but it’s a rather long trip to have between you and your bestest friends. Bygones. So we relived college together for an amazing four days and discovered we’re – gasp – getting kind of old. When a group of six 20-somethings agree, with a sigh of relief, that ordering Chinese and playing games until midnight on a Saturday is what they collectively would like to do, you know the times, they are a-changin’. Here are some (other) highlights from the trip:

Travel musts: Blow-out (it’s a religion) and gel mani (got my first one – it’s a marvel).

Runaway hit: Kamei, insane Asian restaurant supply/import store in the Inner Richmond. I went to town on patterned Japanese soup bowls, but if you need any plastic display sushi, you can get that too.


Celebrity spotting: Met Monelle Totah, proprietress of the lovely new boutique Hudson Grace on Sacramento St. in Pacific Heights. The former Williams-Sonoma design guru put together a beautiful tabletop store that I read about in the March issue of Elle Décor. Discovered Cire Trudon while there, which are these absurdly expensive French candles (but for good reason… and not just because they’re French), that smell incredible and have been made the same way, including the glass jar, since the time of the kings. When you have enough spare bundles of $80 that splurging it on a candle seems like a logical expense, I highly recommend these. I’m tired of seeing bloggers using those Diptyque candle jars as their pencil holders on their desks. B-O-R-I-N-G.

Best chai (and delicious brunch): Ella’s in Lower Pacific Heights.

For a bit of pomp: Tal-Y-Tara Tea & Polo Shoppe in the Outer Richmond. That crazy cart is actually a coffee machine. And the scones from Sarah’s Scones… there are no words to describe.

tea and polo shoppe san francisco tal-y-tara

Saturday night’s new BFF: Cards Against Humanity. Raunchy Apples to Apples. So good.

cards against humanity

Dream homes: Plenty afoot (Seacliff is real estate heaven and the Richmond has such classy entrances).


Worst decision(s): 24-hour donut shops


Best view: Lands End looking toward the Golden Gate, with a sprinkling of sailboat.

golden gate from lands end


All photos courtesy of my Instagram and my friends’ Instagrams. That’s very unofficial. But they know who they are. 

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  1. Love it ❤

    March 7, 2013
  2. Aw, I love San Fran. Glad you had such a good time 🙂

    March 7, 2013
  3. “They know who they are.”

    Damn right. The people who love you 🙂

    March 7, 2013

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