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Attached at the Hip | Family dinners

photo 1

We were the kids that grew up with very few rules to live by. No curfews. But a lot of pressure to make adult decisions about what could get us into trouble. One rule we did however live by – family eats together. We never questioned that while we could go galavanting around with our friends, participating in a variety of shenanigans, then our rumps better be promptly at the dinner table daily. No questions asked. No excuses.

photo 2

So many years later we continue this tradition. We relaxed the other week with a wonderfully wholesome meal at The Smith at Lincoln Center. We may have ordered the birthday cake dessert because why not celebrate every Friday with candles?

Tonight we are enjoying a family dinner with the parentals that started it all. But now that we are older we don’t need any excuses. It’s just a lovely way to decompress after a busy week.

photo 3


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