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Sweet on Easter


Another holiday is upon us that is all about themed seasonal sweets. As with Halloween I am just as concerned with their presentation as with their indulgence. How can you not think Peeps and jellybeans are adorable?! Easter candy brings pastel colors and fruit flavors but I have to admit I’m a chocoholic through and through. However, while I’m not knocking back sour flower shaped gummies, I can’t get over how adorable they look in a candy dish.


I absolutely love when Easter candy mimics other seasonally appropriate  fruits or veggies. Weirdly enough it gets me excited for spring and going to the farmer’s market. Because nothing is as all natural as candy right? Sarcasm.

No but seriously…. gummy fruit slices? Candy corn, peas and carrots?! Chocolate carrots and robin’s eggs? Adorbs!!!


photos courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

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