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Drink like it’s still winter


Yesterday was the vernal (or March) equinox that is supposed to offiicially usher in spring for the northern hemisphere. Ha! Not just yet Mama Natura, it’s still freezing outside today, and snowed aggressively two days ago, all of which is fine with me. It means things are still working properly (for the moment) and global warming hasn’t entirely fried us yet. I don’t expect to wear ballet flats until April – all is well. So even though it’s technically spring, I’ve been drinking like it’s still winter (since it still feels like it) with thematic drinks that taste like they could be served on Christmas (glogg or hot chocolate with a hit of peppermint schanps, anyone?). Doesn’t this “winter-jito” from Cookshop kind of look like Christmas in a glass?

The other weekend, a dear friend and I ended up heading over there for some drinks in the dead time of late afternoon between brunch and dinner when they don’t serve any food and it’s just a touch too cold to be going on lingering walks. I picked out this drink from the non-alcoholic part of the menu and asked the bartender to “booze it up” – her phrase, not mine (but I like her style). Mojitos are one of my favorite summer cocktails, so this winterized rendition got second and third (and fourth) rounds of support.

I don’t have specific measurements, but I always treat drink-making a bit cavalierly anyway, so here are the ingredients. Happy mixing!

Fresh pomegranate
Fresh muddled mint
Fresh lime slices
Pomegranate-vanilla grenadine
Orange bitters
Club soda
Ice cubes


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