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Intense indulgence


Tonight we are heading to Rhode Island. We are leaving work, the latest worries and everyone behind and going to pamper ourselves. A weekend together at Ocean House, overlooking the Atlantic will be by far the most luxurious hotel experience that either of us will ever have (to date, let’s not shortchange ourselves). With Frette linens, a lavender massage, herbal steam room, and a seafood dinner – I highly doubt we will be complaining (except that the weather isn’t as pictured above).


What we are looking forward to the most, however, is spending substantial quality time together. To be able to talk to one another one on one uninterrupted (no offense to everyone who is always lovingly interrupting). Who knows maybe we’ll discuss the blog and different ideas we have of upcoming blog related projects…

There is nothing like quiet time with your closest partner in crime.


photos courtesy of the Ocean House


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  1. Have the most wonderful vacation! And for the record, wine should always be sipped while looking out at that view… or coffee, if it’s early 😉

    March 22, 2013

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