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Girl Crush | Beyoncé


I am totally willing to admit when a woman is unbelievably attractive and give her props. Let’s be honest the amount of thought and time we put into our weight and overall appearance is ridiculous. Some of us are more victorious then others – so why not celebrate those of us that actually achieve what we all wish we could have.

The most recent issue of SHAPE features Beyoncé in all her firm and fit splendor. Personally, as a woman who has had a lifetime of counting calories, trying to convince herself to exercise, freaking out about pant sizes and embarking on what will probably be a life long battle with thyroid disease – I have unbelievable appreciation for any woman who has become famous but has done so all the while looking completely healthy.

So you rock it out Ms. B. I will admire every inch of you as I count my Weight Watchers points and run on the treadmill. Let’s just remember she is beautiful for all of us.


photos courtesy of April SHAPE 

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