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The spring coat debacle…


So I embarked on the search for a new spring coat. Not a fleece, cargo jacket or blazer as I have been known to wear in the past but an actual long coat made of appropriately weighted fabric for the season. This goes along with my constant mantra that I need to pick pieces that are slightly formal in order to over compensate for my ability to always look a bit sloppy. I also have started to wear dresses so frequently in warmer weather that pairing that with a long coat seemed more appropriate. What I have come to find is that what I want is mildly cost prohibitive. SHOCKING.


I looked at options at Zara, Uniqlo, and Boden. BORING. While I love things that are a touch old fashioned I don’t want to look like a grandmother. I want something with a touch of flair whether it be a cute color, belt, buttons, or bow. The problem is once I have seen what I want – I can’t shake it. And right now what I want is an investment. What is a girl to do?!


Take your pick… 1. JCrew Trench 2. Vince Camuto Roll Sleeve Jacket 3. JCrew Taffeta Jacket 4. Kate Spade Saturday Modern Trench

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  1. thats a good choice. xx – P

    April 1, 2013

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