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The original crime family


I am a weirdo that refuses to subscribe to cable TV however that doesn’t stop me from watching copious amounts of shows on iTunes and Hulu. I tend to watch them in complete addict fashion. Watching NON-STOP as is if not seeing how the story ends will cause me physical pain. Of course, whenever Agatha comes over I manage to rope her into the addiction as well. I even got her an Apple TV for Christmas to make the addictions that much easier to come by.


We are complete suckers for costume period dramas. Downton Abbey, Boardwalk Empire, Tudors, and Rome had us completely entranced. Now onto the next one. The Borgias. What better show to get addicted to on Easter then one about the Pope, intrigue and the history of all the Papal States. Nothing like watching the Vatican get raunchy. Agatha has avoided watching it with me so far because she knows what will happen. She will find herself at 1am trying to catch up.


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