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Coffee love…


It’s Monday. Ugh. After such a beautiful sunny weekend, to get up and have to sit behind my desk gives me ants in my pants. I wish I could get everything done sitting outside under all the blooming cherry blossoms. So what was necessary to sip in the sunshine? A latte of course. Just a perfect foamy latte with a touch of sugar. It went perfectly with the crisp breeze and blooming tulips (ok the breeze really could be a tad less crisp). This time of year the weather is still cool enough to enjoy coffee being hot. Once the heat picks up it’ll be time to make the annual jump to iced coffee.

Seeing as I’m getting gradually more and more into coffee maybe I should educate myself on all the different options. It can be my back up obsession to wine with all the varieties and flavor intricacies… What better way to learn than with a Pop Chart Lab creation?!


photos courtesy of Pop Chart Lab

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  1. very cool . Love the concept of your blog. Thanks.

    April 23, 2013

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