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They may be young but she’s 75 and stunning


A lot of people in my office get free magazines because they’re on one media list or another. And while I do dig around and try to grab The Economist or Harvard Business Review, my top mailroom score is an issue of People. Sad, but true. Most recently, I dug up the 2013 World’s Most Beautiful List issue. Le sigh.


The cover girl, Gwyneth Paltrow, is gorgeous as usual (and apparently works out intensely for at least an hour everyday – sweet baby J, I do not have that kind of motivation… and it shows?), but inside there was a picture (and interview online) of Jane Fonda that really piqued my interest.


The actress (and fitness guru of high-cut 80s leotard repute) looks incredible at 75. Did you see her at the Oscars? She said to People: “I do yoga three times a week. I’m learning tai chi, and when I go home, my assistant drops me at the bottom of the hill and it’s a mile to walk up.” Plus, “I don’t forget to take supplements; I moisturize; I have a lover [music producer Richard Perry, 70]; and I’m careful about what I eat.”

If that’s the formula to looking phenomenal (plus a few nips and tucks? Despite my intense admiration for her outlook, skepticism of her fabulosity sneaks in, from fear?), well then, let me follow that to a T. Including having an assistant who drives me places. Ah, to be 75 and stunning.

Photos courtesy of People


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  1. I love it. Now that is inspiration. My grandmother is 85 and goes to the YMCA Monday-Friday to work out. I want to be able to do that!

    May 10, 2013

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