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Let’s be ladylike


Let me preface this post with the fact that I am fully self aware that every lifestyle blogger in the NYC area is probably writing up the same post. As I stood this weekend at the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic looking at my Instagram feed, I could tell where in the crowd other people I follow must be.

Now don’t get me wrong it was a lot of fun and rather fancy. I mean HOW much more preppy can a Saturday afternoon activity be then watching horses while sipping bubbly? But I am not under the impression that I was living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. For starters being seated in a spot where you could actually see the match was challenging and the credit card situation at the bar caused an unbelievable line in 90 degree heat. The amount of aftermath litter was what threw the whole thing over the edge for me. Anyone who claims to be classy but leaves bottles laying on the ground needs to learn a thing or 2.

Last year Agatha went and came back with pics that left me intrigued to give it a whirl this year. I thought a day trip that was an adventure, required that I dress up and involved alcohol could be enjoyable. While I’ll be tempted to give it another try next year and up my picnic-preparedness, my bigger take aways this year were in the appearance category. The incredible heat on Saturday made the benefits and short comings of peoples’ attire…. shall we say… very apparent.

The event, overall, reminded me of the importance of looking like a lady. Not to mention that sometimes the simpler the outfit the better. While we saw many beautifully dressed people, we also saw some total and complete train wrecks.


Things to be taken from all this:
1. Bras were invented for a reason. Your ladies are not the main event. Please wear one.
2. When will women finally come to terms with the fact that crazy lattice back dresses lead to weird sunburn situations. Every single time.
3. Walking in shoes that make you look like a stilt walker at the circus are not sexy. They’re comical.
4. Wearing a long sheer dress with booty shorts underneath may end with you being called a slut. I wouldn’t utter those words out loud. But I wouldn’t disagree.
5. If you’re going to be sitting outdoors in serious heat. Please think about your fabric choices. I don’t want to know where you sweat anymore then you want to know where I do.


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  1. theunistudent #

    Love this! Went to Polo in the Park in London yesterday and thought the same of a lot of women, some were even wearing fur gilets in the sun?!
    Would love for you to read my post on the day:

    June 10, 2013

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