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Cos you’re lovely

Pinterest, blessed thing, introduced me to COS (Collection of Style), a delightfully priced, minimalist chic store from H&M. From the moment I discovered it neither existed in the US nor shipped to the US, my interest was piqued. So when I went to Warsaw in May, I decided that I had to make a point to go there. And I did. Twice.

It was so good. I ran around like a crazy person trying to prioritize and catalogue what I wanted to try on and what I could afford and what I would wear the most and what would be a fun statement… yes that was a run-on sentence. Now you know what I felt like in the store.

After all of that frenzy, I only ended up getting two things, but it was a great start to what I’m hoping will be a long love affair with COS. I’m going back to Europe this fall and next spring, so if they don’t launch their US store in the meantime, I have a back-up plan. I hope H&M leadership falls through on their hints.

1. This back pleat dress has been indispensible already and if you’re full after lunch, well, no one can tell because it’s a lovely bag.


2. Our parentals bought Magdalena and I both matching sweaters – I’m calling them “Hers and Hers”. They are so perfect for us – not only are they striped, but the two available color combos fit each of our wardrobes perfectly. Pops of bright green for her, and neutrals for me. It really was a match made in (wardrobe) heaven.



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