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Girl Crush | Christina Hendricks


It’s summer. The state of one’s figure is on everyone’s mind. Do we spend enough time working out? How do we make more ? How do we force ourselves to do it even when we hate it? Are we eating as healthy as we can? What could we do that we aren’t already doing? How do we do enough so we are at peace with ourselves about what we can physically achieve? Of course when I say “we” I mean “me.” Clearly it’s something that sort of looms over my head as I stop taking any sugar in my latte. Sadness. Sad lack of sweetness.


Then you have moments of remembering that being preoccupied with it isn’t going to help anyone. All you can do is what your schedule allows and try your best to be as healthy as you can. Having anxiety about it won’t get you anywhere. You need to come to a certain peace with accepting what mother nature has granted you. You also need to learn to love the moments when you feel good about the state of things.

Watching Christina Hendricks in Mad Men always reminds me bigger features aren’t necessarily worse. It’s all about how you rock them. And she’s all the more beautiful with the confidence she has in them.


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