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It’s time for a picnic!


This summer has been kind of bat shit crazy. Between weddings, family trips, catching up with friends and just doing laundry I feel like I have zero free time. Last summer was not nearly as ridiculous. Clearly I over booked myself… as I sit on Metro North writing this post as I head into the city for a bachelorette party making use of every single moment of down time. I mean maybe I should continue writing posts during my cab ride up to Yorkville. Sarcasm.

Now as I think about how I want to spend at least one Sunday this summer it leads me to a place of low key activity. A picnic is necessary.


Just sitting with friends outside and laying back to relax. What better way to enjoy bitching and a glass of my new fave day drinking wine vinho verde? As with anything, picnicking is even more fun when you are equipped. There is nothing more annoying than a event that isn’t completely thought through. Why go makeshift? Picnic with thoroughly. Thinking through the details is half the fun. Did you pick up on the fact that I’m a planner?

How are you transporting everything? Do you have reusable dishes and cutlery? Do you have a surface to serve everything on? Do you have a way to easily bring home leftovers or what’s left of the bevies? Do you have blankets or pillows? Do you need candles or bug spray? Do you need tunes? This all leads to the most important question of all… What are you drinking out of?


Some fun things to bring your picnic together: 1. the most amazing bottle stopper I have ever owned, 2. a table to go, 3. fun dishes, 4. tunes to go, 5. acrylic drink ware

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