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TGIF. In the worst way possible. This song pretty much sums it up as I zoom out of the office parking lot at 50 mph with the windows down. Nothing like a good David Guetta remix (David Guetta, Play Hard to be specific) to bring on full-blown euphoria and make me dance like a typical white girl with one fist up and a slightly pursed lip.

Maybe I’ll be rocking out to this after I get home, put yoga pants on, start drinking wine and swiffer my living room. This does a variety of things…

1. Makes me fee less old by allowing me to bust out my moves alone in my apartment since I’m really too old to still go out.
2. Allows house cleaning to be vastly more enjoyable and turns a swifter mop into an integral part of my dance routine. Think ribbon dancing.
3. Wine consumed while exercising really doesn’t count. Neither does eating while walking.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!! I’m sure you all earned it as much as we have.

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