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Labor Day Blues

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Labor Day is seen as the last hurrah of summer — your last swim, last ice cream cone, last spray of sunblock — the unofficial end of summer. It marks a psychological letdown as temperatures cool and your bathing suit gets put away and kids go back to school. People start saying, “I can’t believe summer is over”, “it went by so quickly”, “back to work now”. Hold up – enough of those Labor Day blues. Here’s why:

1. Astronomically speaking, summer lasts until September 21st. That weekend, I’ll be sitting with my nearest and dearest on the beach in Rehoboth, DE.

2. Fall clothes are really cute and you no longer have to stress about how you looked naked in front of strangers.

3. You’re an adult and work all year long. Don’t let the school calendar make you sad. Those days are long gone. Just take advantage of the back-to-school sales.

4. Think about what you want for Christmas. Who doesn’t love getting gifts?

5. Outdoor activities are so much better when the humidity disappears, so plan your next game of tennis, pick out a hike, and don’t miss a chance to go apple-picking.


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  1. Love these.

    September 3, 2013

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