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Girl Crush | Camila Giorgi

Camila Girogi

We had the pleasure of celebrating Labor Day weekend by going to US Open with our family. After braving the mildly claustrophobic crowd we made it into the nose bleed seats of Arthur Ashe Stadium which actually offer a really awesome view of the matches being wrestled out below. First up we had the women’s night session. We were super excited because the match we had in our line up featured the #6 seed, Caroline Wozniacki. Not that long ago she was ranked #1 so how bad could this match be? And how is some random chickita banana that is ranked #137 in the world going to do against her? Honestly we weren’t expecting much. We were expecting a floor mopping. What happened?

photo 4

Three sets of ass kicking wonderfulness. The little 5’6″ blonde hit serves at 110 mph and bounced her way into being our new fave lady on the tennis circuit. Her enthusiasm, spunk and follow through got the entire stadium into a cheering tizzy. Her tears and pure joy in winning got her a standing ovation.

She lost yesterday in the 4th round but went down fighting. She will be our front running lady next year.

photo 5


Girl Crush | Christina Hendricks


It’s summer. The state of one’s figure is on everyone’s mind. Do we spend enough time working out? How do we make more ? How do we force ourselves to do it even when we hate it? Are we eating as healthy as we can? What could we do that we aren’t already doing? How do we do enough so we are at peace with ourselves about what we can physically achieve? Of course when I say “we” I mean “me.” Clearly it’s something that sort of looms over my head as I stop taking any sugar in my latte. Sadness. Sad lack of sweetness.


Then you have moments of remembering that being preoccupied with it isn’t going to help anyone. All you can do is what your schedule allows and try your best to be as healthy as you can. Having anxiety about it won’t get you anywhere. You need to come to a certain peace with accepting what mother nature has granted you. You also need to learn to love the moments when you feel good about the state of things.

Watching Christina Hendricks in Mad Men always reminds me bigger features aren’t necessarily worse. It’s all about how you rock them. And she’s all the more beautiful with the confidence she has in them.


Girl Crush | Beyoncé


I am totally willing to admit when a woman is unbelievably attractive and give her props. Let’s be honest the amount of thought and time we put into our weight and overall appearance is ridiculous. Some of us are more victorious then others – so why not celebrate those of us that actually achieve what we all wish we could have.

The most recent issue of SHAPE features Beyoncé in all her firm and fit splendor. Personally, as a woman who has had a lifetime of counting calories, trying to convince herself to exercise, freaking out about pant sizes and embarking on what will probably be a life long battle with thyroid disease – I have unbelievable appreciation for any woman who has become famous but has done so all the while looking completely healthy.

So you rock it out Ms. B. I will admire every inch of you as I count my Weight Watchers points and run on the treadmill. Let’s just remember she is beautiful for all of us.


photos courtesy of April SHAPE 

Happy birthday to the Duchess


Happy birthday to one fine lady. From being constantly poised, to introducing the world to her nude LK Bennett heels, we admire her from head to toe. She proves that there is royalty in all of us and it pays off to always act like a lady. In her case it earned her a crown, in ours it may get us a free glass of wine at the local bistro. Which is better? That’s debatable.

But we do hope that she uses the f-word behind closed doors at least occasionally. We won’t count it against her.

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