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Happy birthday Bethenny!

A belated happy birthday to a lady that always speaks her mind, cracks us up and whose ambition we admire. She reminds us to always be sassy, believe in ourselves, stand behind our decisions, be honest about our relationships and have healthy ones with food (… and alcohol). Most importantly to always, always come from a place of yes.

Maria does candy

The US Open is on day 3, but obviously it doesn’t officially start until we show up. Well let’s not get out of hand. But we are extremely excited to watch all the stars get their game on. Agatha has the day shift at the Open and I will enjoy an evening in Arthur Ashe Stadium. What would be more perfect for the evening the tennis star-inspired snacks?! You can argue that Maria Sharapova sold out and is completely monopolizing her own fame (even though she seems to be winning less lately) with her Cole Haan partnership and now candy. But if you’ve got it, why not rock it?

photo source: the dieline

Attached at the Hip | Part 6

{ Monday Blog Series: Let’s start the week with a little tidbit that will lovingly be titled Attached at the Hip. It’s going to be the day of the week that we bring you reports of things we did together or our different takes on things. It will be a day of sisterhood, adventures and a general state of ridiculousness. Why not celebrate how much we love one another and how different yet the same we are?! }

We can’t say we have girl crushes because that’s just wrong. But we can’t get over teen queens Selena Gomez and Dakota Fanning.

M: Teeny bopper flicks (well that don’t include Mandy Moore) are really not my thing but after watching Monte Carlo on a plane I was hooked on little Miss Selena Gomez. I wish I had been as cool when I was a teenager.

For the rest of us mortals being a teenager is a time of being super awkward, with braces, bad fashion choices and too many extracurricular activities. For others it’s a time a reaching maximum hotness. Let me say I didn’t reach mine till the age of 21… My junior year of college was a very good year. I stand firmly behind the idea that I could have reached that point much earlier if I also had a personal stylist, hair dresser, make-up artist, and trainer. Because, you know, what teenager doesn’t need those?

A: Dakota Fanning, now 18, is super sophisticated for someone who just reached the voting age. At 18, I was in my first year of college doing the whole reinvention thing after high school (unsuccessfully – I am just too risk-averse and rule-abiding!). I don’t think Dakota had this reinvention problem/desire – she’s at NYU now and lives in a posh apartment (“what are dorms?”). Nevertheless, I admire powerful blondes and if they’re younger and more successful than me, I’m still a fan (though a touch jealous). And amidst all the older-than-her-years poise and chicness, she’s turning out to be quite a good actress. Though Twilight certainly is far from the ultimate measure of great acting, she successfully terrified me and it wasn’t just the CGI-ed red eye.

Happy Birthday Rihanna!

Rihanna is… well…. kind of amazing. Beautiful, talented, provocative and more often then not a bit crass… we just have so many reasons why we can’t get enough of this starlet. Who doesn’t love a woman who has the gusto to shave half her head, perform onstage almost naked with confidence and all the while be amazingly hot?! We can only imagine that she is a hostess that constantly uses the f-word.

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