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Final to the four


We are not only alumni but we grew up on the Syracuse campus with a professor dad. So we are the trifecta. Hometown grown alumni with a lifetime on campus. Our degree of alma mater pride could shock your system. This weekend we are going to watch on the edge of our seats to see if our boys do us proud. Even if they don’t make it to the Final to once again be National Champs (they were 2003 National Champs… could Magdalena wish for a better graduation present?!) we will love them all the same and be proud of how hard they hustled. Let’s go #orangenation. This weekend, as every weekend, we are Orange to the core.


Happy International Women’s Day!

We’re international. We’re women. Let’s have a drink. Kidding.

In all seriousness – let’s take a moment to think about how far we’ve come and how far we could yet go. One of my friends put it best in her usual optimistic tone that inspires me every day to look at things being a cup half full.


Oh books for today’s youngsters…

Let’s start the week off a little sassy. Because why not? It’s a manic Monday.

That being said I will get into it. A lot of things nowadays make me feel old. Sometimes just outright ancient. But Goodnight iPad? Seriously?! What the hell is the world to do when we lose faith in a child’s ability to understand classics like Goodnight Moon? Now I get it… I found this lovely selection at Urban so the idea is to be a bit tongue and cheek but it just hit home. What if we actually got to a point where kids no longer read books like Dr. Seuss, Margaret Brown and Eric Carle etc? What if they no longer spend time in the library? Oh, the horror!!!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


On the way to work, there were balloon trucks, massive flower deliveries being dropped off at office buildings, and even a big “Happy Valentine’s Day” from the Starbucks barista… there is something in the air today. Going out on a limb here, but maybe it’s love? Hallmark holiday (cynic) or not (lover of love), use the designated day to celebrate. And who doesn’t love to celebrate (curmudgeons)? So we hope you think about love today, for anyone! Recognize it with friends, cool co-workers, parents, siblings (we have this one covered) or a significant other if you’ve found someone special. No matter what’s going on today and how stressed, busy or even single you may be, today is about love, hope and little gestures. So go out there and spread some L-O-V-E.


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