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Cookie Monster


Happy National Girl Scout Cookie Day! I was never a Scout, but I am a bit of a cookie monster and am always on the lookout for people at work with daughters that are selling so I can get my yearly fix (sorry for the drug allusion Girl Scouts, they are sugar narcotics, those cookies of yours). This morning I was reading a marketing newsletter in my work email (funny how information gets to you sometimes) and there was a feature on the Scouts and their delicious cookies because they are launching a seriously digital cookie-selling initiative this year. I plan on giving them my full support. Along with a revamped box design, they made a cookie-finding app AND they are driving a truck all around NYC today selling in midtown. It’s a no brainer. I’ll be stocking up on Samoas and Thin Mints. Maybe some Tagalongs for good measure. Snowstorm bliss. What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

TGIF and drive safely for those of you in the Northeast waiting for the snow to hit!


Photo courtesy of Girl Scouts

Oh thank goodness…


It’s Friday. Never have we wanted a Friday to arrive as quickly… 2013 has gotten off to a cruelly busy start. But thank goodness for brunching, relaxing and getting in a good work out to combat the stress and prepare for Monday. Again.

PS. The above brunch from the other weekend was amazing. The Roger Sherman Inn is exactly what storybook, snowy Connecticut is all about.


An All-American Lady

Beyoncé 2013  Superbowl Halftime Show performance

I will be brutally honest here. I do not understand (read: like) football and I don’t want to. I only watch (read: unmute) the Super Bowl to see the commercials so I don’t appear to be a totally disconnected snob who has no qualms about switching the channel to PBS at 9 for Downton Abbey and feeling relieved not to be watching large men in bad color combinations throw themselves into piles for hours on end and mash their brains up, wrecking future decision-making abilities.

But this year, Beyoncé happened to the Super Bowl’s half time show and so I’ve moved from entirely dismissive to possibly accepting of this piece of American tradition to which I cannot relate. It was an incredible performance and I thank the forum that made it possible (I never thought I would put something like that in writing). She is an incredible singer (w/e to all the Inauguration doubters), but more than that, I think she has become America’s Sweetheart. I say this in all seriousness: I’m proud that she represents America around the world. I can find no reason to hate on or disapprove of her… even her stripper squats are so super fit, they just seem to be chaste models for the American woman’s new ideal body image (read: fit and firm, not diet skinny). Also, I just want to point out Madonna could barely pop back up out of her squats last year… bygones. These are the reasons why Beyoncé is topping my list of all-time favorite great American ladies.

– the exaggerated strut
– the fierce gaze
– the on-point dance moves
– the absurdly enviable thighs
– the leather and lace
– the brilliant smile
– the nude fishnets (buy stock ladies, buy stock)
– the girl power set (not a man on the stage)

And most of all…
– the gracious, geniune thank you
She says it in a way that you feel she realizes her life is amazing and is openly grateful to the fans that enable her success, something smug famous people seem unable to face.

That said, if one day Bey is revealed to be a raging bitch in real life, I will be extremely upset. No blog posts for weeks, crying at my desk… Ok, I won’t get carried away, but I might consider deleting this post. I don’t like being wrong.

Happy Monday! And make sure you strut today! (And if you missed the performance, please stop what you are doing (ie reading this blog) and watch it and then see all the awesome GIFs).


Image courtesy of Getty Images via Forbes

Happy birthday to the Duchess


Happy birthday to one fine lady. From being constantly poised, to introducing the world to her nude LK Bennett heels, we admire her from head to toe. She proves that there is royalty in all of us and it pays off to always act like a lady. In her case it earned her a crown, in ours it may get us a free glass of wine at the local bistro. Which is better? That’s debatable.

But we do hope that she uses the f-word behind closed doors at least occasionally. We won’t count it against her.

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