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My shirt says it all


Anyone who sees me on a daily basis knows I like to break up the stream of empire waist dresses I own with a sassy t-shirt. My other go to look is cropped black jeans and a sassy top. It’s also a good indication of how I started my morning. Either I really woke up on the wrong side of the bed or am expecting the day to be a huge pain in my ass. If that’s the case then it’s best to get bitchy before the day even begins. Normally, I go for shirts with a strong political statement. I am the proud owner of about every HRC t-shirt that exists but when my close friend Katie sent me these t-shirts from Raygun I fell in love. Some of them were completely brilliant but I was afraid some of you might be offended. That would not stop me from rocking them however. 


More for less

Warby Parker has been a buzz company for a while now in the U.S., but until recently, I thought my non-Brooklyn residence (and deep-set eyes) precluded me from partaking in the thick-frame takeover of my generation. Then I saw their co-founder, Neil Blumenthal, speak at the 2013 PSFK Conference and my whole opinion changed. “We wanted to show that you can build a profitable, scalable company that does good in the world, and not charge a premium for it,” says Blumenthal. Amen.

Then he showed a slide that blew my mind (sorry for the janky screenshot, maybe you should get a new pair of glasses to see it better muahaha). Further investigation revealed 60 Minutes had already done the whisteblowing on this one, and I missed the memo, but Luxottica Group has a total monopoly over your eyeballs. Being a classic millennial, I don’t love big, bad monoliths, so immediately after the conference I went to Warby Parker’s website to peruse.

Luxottica monopoly neil blumenthal warby parker psfk 2013 slide

I was happy to see that the selection is not all Tinker-Tailor Soldier Spy thick frames (Google Images if you don’t get the reference and then please put the movie on your Netflix list). The selection was big, unisex, unlabeled and affordable. GIMME. As I was strolling, I came across a pair of sunglasses that reminded me of the ones I was coveting from Garrett Leight after seeing the movie Möbius at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Garrett Leight Hampton $375


Warby Parker Downing $95


So I headed down to the Warby Parker store on Greene Street in Soho to try them on. I was blown away – not by how great I looked in the glasses (though I was happy with the look), but by the gorgeous store, great products, friendly millennial stafflings and super quick iPad checkout. Bliss. And for every pair of glasses purchased, Warby provides a pair to someone in need. Now that’s more for less.

Warby Parker Greene Street store in Soho, Manhattan. Courtesy of Warby Parker.


Ladylike Spade


The previous weekend’s hot weather dress challenges made think a little about my dress up wardrobe. About which pieces I have that work the best and which ones need to hit the Good Will pile. I have a couple goodies that I will take meticulous care of because I worry I’ll never find anything again that fits so well. For me the constant challenge is finding dresses that make my ladies look nice (not huge) and doesn’t accentuate my abdominal issues.

It also makes me so happy when a single piece can create an entire look. It just makes life that much easier. My version of accessorizing is actually brushing my hair so when I dress up the pieces I wear need to do the heavy lifting for me. Ideally I should be able to put shoes on and head out the door. For this nothing works better than a super simple ladylike dress.


For guaranteed ladylike results there is the go-to Kate Spade. She covers off on some essentials: empire waists, stripes, sheath cuts, classic flares, polka dots and gingham.  Not sure I can actually drop significant bucks on a dress that I wear only a handful of times but these make for excellent inspiration. They also make me contemplate the idea that sometimes you get what you pay for.


photos courtesy of Kate Spade

Let’s be ladylike


Let me preface this post with the fact that I am fully self aware that every lifestyle blogger in the NYC area is probably writing up the same post. As I stood this weekend at the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic looking at my Instagram feed, I could tell where in the crowd other people I follow must be.

Now don’t get me wrong it was a lot of fun and rather fancy. I mean HOW much more preppy can a Saturday afternoon activity be then watching horses while sipping bubbly? But I am not under the impression that I was living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. For starters being seated in a spot where you could actually see the match was challenging and the credit card situation at the bar caused an unbelievable line in 90 degree heat. The amount of aftermath litter was what threw the whole thing over the edge for me. Anyone who claims to be classy but leaves bottles laying on the ground needs to learn a thing or 2.

Last year Agatha went and came back with pics that left me intrigued to give it a whirl this year. I thought a day trip that was an adventure, required that I dress up and involved alcohol could be enjoyable. While I’ll be tempted to give it another try next year and up my picnic-preparedness, my bigger take aways this year were in the appearance category. The incredible heat on Saturday made the benefits and short comings of peoples’ attire…. shall we say… very apparent.

The event, overall, reminded me of the importance of looking like a lady. Not to mention that sometimes the simpler the outfit the better. While we saw many beautifully dressed people, we also saw some total and complete train wrecks.


Things to be taken from all this:
1. Bras were invented for a reason. Your ladies are not the main event. Please wear one.
2. When will women finally come to terms with the fact that crazy lattice back dresses lead to weird sunburn situations. Every single time.
3. Walking in shoes that make you look like a stilt walker at the circus are not sexy. They’re comical.
4. Wearing a long sheer dress with booty shorts underneath may end with you being called a slut. I wouldn’t utter those words out loud. But I wouldn’t disagree.
5. If you’re going to be sitting outdoors in serious heat. Please think about your fabric choices. I don’t want to know where you sweat anymore then you want to know where I do.


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