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They may be young but she’s 75 and stunning


A lot of people in my office get free magazines because they’re on one media list or another. And while I do dig around and try to grab The Economist or Harvard Business Review, my top mailroom score is an issue of People. Sad, but true. Most recently, I dug up the 2013 World’s Most Beautiful List issue. Le sigh.


The cover girl, Gwyneth Paltrow, is gorgeous as usual (and apparently works out intensely for at least an hour everyday – sweet baby J, I do not have that kind of motivation… and it shows?), but inside there was a picture (and interview online) of Jane Fonda that really piqued my interest.


The actress (and fitness guru of high-cut 80s leotard repute) looks incredible at 75. Did you see her at the Oscars? She said to People: “I do yoga three times a week. I’m learning tai chi, and when I go home, my assistant drops me at the bottom of the hill and it’s a mile to walk up.” Plus, “I don’t forget to take supplements; I moisturize; I have a lover [music producer Richard Perry, 70]; and I’m careful about what I eat.”

If that’s the formula to looking phenomenal (plus a few nips and tucks? Despite my intense admiration for her outlook, skepticism of her fabulosity sneaks in, from fear?), well then, let me follow that to a T. Including having an assistant who drives me places. Ah, to be 75 and stunning.

Photos courtesy of People


Patterns to remember


Recently I’ve been faced with so many examples of entrepreneurial women that inspire me to focus on figuring out what I want to do. Not what I think I should do. Should I be trying to climb the ladder or should I be figuring out what I find truly satisfying? Oh life’s questions.

Lilly was one of the lucky few that found her destiny completely by accident while running a juice stand. From there came the beginnings of a fashion icon. It makes me wonder if I’ll ever stumble upon the idea that takes me down a new path… and if I do I hope I am alert enough to recognize it and brave enough to follow it.


The spring coat debacle…


So I embarked on the search for a new spring coat. Not a fleece, cargo jacket or blazer as I have been known to wear in the past but an actual long coat made of appropriately weighted fabric for the season. This goes along with my constant mantra that I need to pick pieces that are slightly formal in order to over compensate for my ability to always look a bit sloppy. I also have started to wear dresses so frequently in warmer weather that pairing that with a long coat seemed more appropriate. What I have come to find is that what I want is mildly cost prohibitive. SHOCKING.


I looked at options at Zara, Uniqlo, and Boden. BORING. While I love things that are a touch old fashioned I don’t want to look like a grandmother. I want something with a touch of flair whether it be a cute color, belt, buttons, or bow. The problem is once I have seen what I want – I can’t shake it. And right now what I want is an investment. What is a girl to do?!


Take your pick… 1. JCrew Trench 2. Vince Camuto Roll Sleeve Jacket 3. JCrew Taffeta Jacket 4. Kate Spade Saturday Modern Trench

OPI goes Euro Centrale


Catching up on my latest stack of magazines this weekend, I got unreasonably excited by the fact that OPI (finally) represented Poland in a color collection. OPI has always used geographic locales/cultures/movies/events/icons to inspire its collections, but Eastern Europe has never made the cut. Since one of their last collections was all about Germany, maybe it got them thinking about the Eastern Bloc. On a side note: the marketing and product people at OPI are smart. The themes they choose always feel fresh and creative.

We’ll be picking up bottles of I Saw… You Saw… We Saw… Warsaw and Hands Off My Kielbasa!. OPI names never disappoint.



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