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Musings | Finding ourselves beautiful


After the majority of us spent an evening watching the new video released by Dove, as part of their Real Beauty campaign, then hopefully at least a couple of us got a reality check: that we are apparently our own worst critics. We started thinking about how would we do in a study like that? Admittedly, we realized that we would be equally as bad, if not worse, than the women in the video.

Today let’s focus on looking at ourselves differently then we did yesterday.  We are going to start the day afresh and try being positive about what we see in the mirror. That doesn’t mean we’re going to ignore our imperfections so much as try to accept them. Maybe even remember that our imperfections are what make us unique and are a record of our experiences. Even if one those experiences is spending too much time in the sun on a beautiful summer day. It was so much fun and worth the wrinkle.


An Artsy Weekend

New York in the springtime is divine – flowers emerge, as does the sun and fun things to do, like stopping by incredible (and sometimes free!) exhibits all over the city. Last weekend I stopped by two phenomenal art exhibits in two very different parts of the city to indulge my very uneducated, but appreciative, inner art historian.

Mary Cassatt at NYPL

Saturday: Admire the bright daffodils in Bryant Park and visit Mary Cassatt prints on the 3rd floor of the gorgeous New York Public Library Stephen A. Schwarzmann building. Her prints are incredible: intricate and yet a little free-form and unfinished. She seems like she might have been a bit impatient, a characteristic I can relate to when it comes to art (her impatience ends notably more successfully than mine!).

Mary Cassatt at NYPL Solicitude

I think this print, Solicitude (ca. 1889), was my favorite from the collection. Who shows more care or concern more than a newly minted mother?

John Singer Sargent Watercolors at Brooklyn Museum

Sunday: John Singer Sargent has been a favorite since my high school bestie introduced me to Fumée d’Ambre Gris at the Clark Art Institute. So when I saw Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic’s great recap of some of the JSS pieces that were in the the Brooklyn Museum exhibit (some are from the MFA Boston), there was no question of me going as soon as possible. It didn’t disappoint – villas, vistas, bedouins, examinations of his technique… it took me and my friends a few hours to go through the space. So worth it I can’t even say enough positive things about it. One of my friends that I was with, the lovely blogger Alden, saw one watercolor of these crazy hanging gourds that reminded us of our trip last year to Wave Hill. Gave us a good chuckle that JSS could remind us, from 100 years ago, of our own experiences in the not so distant past.


Tweaking about tulips


The two seasons I love the most are the ones that go by so fast. Spring and fall. You take a deep breath and blink and it’s done. So sad. I love that point at the end of the winter when it’s sunnier but still cold but you’re excited for the season to change. I just crave wearing a different wardrobe and having things feel alive again. That’s the time when I start getting flowers to keep on the dining table and kitchen counter. If I’m feeling indulgent then in the bedroom too.


My flowers of choice are without a doubt tulips. They are flowers that have the same aesthetic as I do. They are tidy and orderly but feminine. They don’t have unruly leaves or unpredictable shapes. They have a strong stem. They come in a bounty of different bright colors. They don’t need to be accessorized with fluff, filler flowers. They are direct and to the point. We’re pretty. Boom.


Intense indulgence


Tonight we are heading to Rhode Island. We are leaving work, the latest worries and everyone behind and going to pamper ourselves. A weekend together at Ocean House, overlooking the Atlantic will be by far the most luxurious hotel experience that either of us will ever have (to date, let’s not shortchange ourselves). With Frette linens, a lavender massage, herbal steam room, and a seafood dinner – I highly doubt we will be complaining (except that the weather isn’t as pictured above).


What we are looking forward to the most, however, is spending substantial quality time together. To be able to talk to one another one on one uninterrupted (no offense to everyone who is always lovingly interrupting). Who knows maybe we’ll discuss the blog and different ideas we have of upcoming blog related projects…

There is nothing like quiet time with your closest partner in crime.


photos courtesy of the Ocean House


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