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Le Style Möbius

möbius movie poster

April is the month of film festivals in New York, ironically drawing you into movie theaters as the weather improves and the cherry and magnolia trees blossom. I caught a movie Sunday night with friends at the tail end of Tribeca Film Festival. Lucky gal that I am, my job hooked me up with some tickets to a sold-out screening of Möbius, the Franco-Russian spy thriller starring Oscar-winning Jean Dujardin (he does crazy things with his eyebrows… please look at the Google Images results) and the stunning Belgian actress Cécile de France.


The movie is really good and I highly recommend it, but what I couldn’t get over was how stunning Cécile’s character was – the costume stylist was a frickin genius on this movie. She was elegant, sleek, but with a hint of casual confidence. Very Côte d’Azur with all the linen as well. I’ll be taking some cues from her onscreen wardrobe for this summer. I clearly need to head over to Façonnable and get my hands on on a pair of those glorious Garrett Light shades



Attached at the Hip | Ocean House


A couple weeks ago we made the drive up to Watch Hill, Rhode Island to enjoy a heavenly weekend of peace, quiet and complete indulgence at the famous Ocean House. What we found was an experience that shows us how the other half lives. And we definitely could get used to it. Needless to say when you stay somewhere that anticipates your every desire before you even know what it would be, you begin to understand why people spend the money. It was completely worth it. A hotel stay that has champagne waiting for you upon arrival has our names written all over it.


We were astounded at the quality of every single detail… The bath and bed linens, memory foam mattress, chenille throws, orchids in the bathroom, Molton Brown bath products, robes with matching slippers, river rock bottomed shower, marble tub, and iPad that came with our room so you could read the New York Times in the morning while sipping coffee with a view of the Atlantic was only the beginning. We were struggling to find details that they actually had not thought through. When you enter the WC and think, “Oh crap where will I put my robe? I wish there was a hook. Oh, of course there f’ing is.”, you know you’re never going to find anything to complain about. And everyone knows we turn complaining into an Olympic sport.

photo 3

We spent the majority of the Saturday we were there first enjoying lavender massages followed by sipping cucumber water while sitting on a chaise that overlooked the ocean from a circular room on the beach’s edge. This is when we realized that the trip we justified by saying it would be a once in a lifetime experience would be happening annually. Oopsie.

Because the Oh! Spa wasn’t enough ridiculousness we followed that with enjoying an evening in the Seasons restaurant and had a difficult time choosing from the delicious farm-to-table menu. What arrived on our table was simply a work of art. Perfectly sized portions (of course because they wouldn’t have it any other way) led us through multiple courses of a meal that didn’t leave us overly full.


By the time Sunday came to end we realized a couple things. On a serious note that spending quality time together was so important. As is investing in your own sanity. You need to find a getaway that allows you to escape from everyday stress, hustle and bustle. But on a less serious note we realized we really f’ing need a butler. Preferably a British one.

photo 1-1

For all our pics take a look at Magdalena’s Instagram


Reading for my tummy

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 7.45.43 PM

Changing of the seasons makes me excited about cooking again. The end of winter makes my cooking mojo fizzle. I start making the same recipes over and over and eating out way too often. Eating things that are savory and heavy no longer tastes as great. I start to crave salads and fresh vegetables. Overall I’m just more energized. Getting up early with the sunshine on Sunday to make homemade yogurt all of sudden felt like a good idea. While I was at it I also roasted sweet potatoes and made pancakes. Because why not? I’m up. I’m drinking French pressed coffee and wearing new yoga pants. The suburban world is my oyster.

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 7.46.45 PM

Part of my excitement is that my annual favorite day of the year is coming soon. Opening Saturday of the local farmer’s market. With that comes weekends of cooking, freshly baked bread, huge tomatoes, grilling corn, potato salads, pesto making, summer squash and roasting beets: #foodporn. So in preparation for the best day ever I sat this weekend and read through all my favorite cookbooks. Gathered ideas. Refreshed my memory. I absolutely cannot wait for the first tomato, watermelon, spinach and feta salad with a balsamic dressing of the season. Definitely will be washing that down with a glass of cold rosé.

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 7.45.24 PM

The original crime family


I am a weirdo that refuses to subscribe to cable TV however that doesn’t stop me from watching copious amounts of shows on iTunes and Hulu. I tend to watch them in complete addict fashion. Watching NON-STOP as is if not seeing how the story ends will cause me physical pain. Of course, whenever Agatha comes over I manage to rope her into the addiction as well. I even got her an Apple TV for Christmas to make the addictions that much easier to come by.


We are complete suckers for costume period dramas. Downton Abbey, Boardwalk Empire, Tudors, and Rome had us completely entranced. Now onto the next one. The Borgias. What better show to get addicted to on Easter then one about the Pope, intrigue and the history of all the Papal States. Nothing like watching the Vatican get raunchy. Agatha has avoided watching it with me so far because she knows what will happen. She will find herself at 1am trying to catch up.


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