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Minty fresh

When you’re a few drinks in on a lingering summer Saturday with a cool evening breeze coming off the water, you start to feel like you’re an awesome, cutting-edge millennial Martha Stewart who can invent new things. That’s what I thought I had achieved by plundering the mint from the kitchen garden of my boyfriend’s family summer cottage and adding it to a freshly made gimlet. And while it’s delicious, turns out it has indeed been done before. It was just the alcohol talking. But what we did manage to invent was an awesome name for it… drumroll please:

Please meet the “Mojimlet“. It’s your classic gimlet (some say gin, I say vodka… po-tay-to, po-tah-to. It’s all enjoyable in the end), Rose’s Lime Juice and muddled mint. Bottoms up to summer!



Vinho to the verde


Our aunt gets wine reccos from the Times. She knows how to roll. So when an article came out recently about a fabulous, on the down low wine she gave Vinho Verde a try asap. And we’re so happy she did.

At around $7 a bottle, low alcohol content and refreshing bubbles this is better than any spritzer. Thank you Portugal. It’s completely guilt-free and refreshing. You could totally start drinking it with your lunch and just keep on going. For those of us who worry about the consequences of drinking too much in the heat or sun this is the perfect solution.

We’re Cape Cod bound on Saturday with a case. So that’s about 4 days worth of wine. Tops.

Cool Hand Cuke

Colonie cocktail menu

Isn’t that a clever name? I wish I could say I came up with it, but I didn’t – the smarties over at Colonie in Brooklyn Heights did. This drink was summer in a glass – the bartender freshly juices a cucumber and then mixes in all the rest of the lovely ingredients, which include my favorite, St. Germain. And any summer beverage with mint in it is a win.


To complete the seasonal bliss, the food is incredible, comes in small plates (so you don’t get too full, ie uncomfortable in the heat) and then when that whole lovely experience is over, you get to wander back to the subway as the sun sets over the lovely that is Brooklyn Heights.

So, did you guess yet that #ilovesummer? Yes, I write in hashtags now.

Photos courtesy of Agatha’s iPhone and Colonie’s lovely interiors and concotions. The doughnut with salty caramel custard is pretty mind blowing.


Is it time for an apéritif yet?


It’s a holiday made by marketers, but hey, that’s how both of us make a living (and I also actually love Lillet), so we’re celebrating – Happy National Apéritif Day!

I like to revisit word definitions (nerd), so an apéritif is an alcoholic beverage (duh) usually served before a meal to stimulate the appetite (that’s why it’s typically dry rather than sweet). Lillet is an apéritif wine from Bordeaux made from a blend of 85% wine and 15% citrus liqueurs that comes in Blanc, Rouge or Rose varieties. It’s one of those French staples that was made to help pass time at sidewalk cafés or jazz up a cocktail hour.


I don’t have a big apartment, but I always have a bottle of Lillet chilling in the fridge. Lillet Blanc is my favorite, you can throw in a slice of lemon and some carbonated water (flavored if you so desire) or champagne (if you’re feeling frisky) and you’re good to go. Looks fancy, but it’s easy to throw together on a moment’s notice. The Lillet does all the hard work for you, like a little black dress. This summer I’m going to experiment a little more with Lillet Rose – that pink, floral Martha Stewart creation is making me thirsty.


There are so many delicious versions – happy creating and drinking. Santé! Cheers! TGIF!

P.S. A big thank you to mychildhood friend Ana Beth, who is an incredible hostess, to introducing me to this favorite many years ago.


Photos courtesy of The Kitchn and Martha Stewart (1, 2) [listed from top to bottom]

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