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The reality of my addiction


{ Blog Swapping Series, Part 8: }

On Friday you enjoyed our blog swap with Girly Obsessions for an eighth time. Ash shared her love for the perfect Christmas card… but don’t forget to enjoy our obsessions. Check out my post, where I tell you all about my obsession with the Real Housewives. Of any county. Of any state.


I am admittedly a bit self righteous about intellectual activities, interests and pursuits. That’s what happens when your parent is a university professor. My sister and I are the kind of people that find historical tours and afternoons at art museums fun. However (this is the part where I admit to being a total and complete hypocrite), I have a slight problem. I watch multiple series of Real Housewives on the sly. And I love every single second of it.


After sampling all the Real Housewives portfolio has to offer I’ve come down to 4 casts. However, my love started with the original Orange County cast. First I saw just the hair extensions, spray tans, bad parenting and broken marriages… then something weird happened. I bonded with the characters.

Since then I added New York City, New Jersey, and Beverly Hills to my repertoire. Each group of friends has a different vibe and dynamic. You know there’s something wrong with you when you find yourself taking sides in the deliciously awful cat fights that take place. When they recently reworked the cast of NYC I was actually taken aback. What do you mean you took Kelly Bensimon off the show?! I do have to admit that addition of Aviva Drescher has brought some real quality, on the edge of my seat with a glass of wine in hand, fawkward conversations.


On the flip side for every cast there are the girls that leave me thinking that we could hang out and have great conversation. Melissa Gorga, I got your back any day. Taylor Armstrong, let’s sit with a cocktail and overanalyze stuff together. Carol Radziwill, we could just shop and pretend we’re above it all.

Not to worry. I do actually have friends. Ash is one of them.

Photos courtesy of Bravo TV

Q is a QT

I have seen every James Bond movie ever made. Yep, all 23 of them. Even the sort of weird 80s ones with Timothy Dalton that no one else has seen. Our dad had us hooked on Bond and the espionage genre since the TBS after-Christmas marathons, so it was a must for me to catch up on my favorite movie franchse and see Skyfall. It was so good that I forgot I could be getting bed bugs at that very moment (the 2010-11 NYC scares eternally tainted movie theaters for me). From the Adele theme song to Javier Bardem’s ability to play a disconcertingly convincing psychopath to the see-through evening gowns of the gorgeous leading lady (as my friend Marco put it, “it’s all about the French Cambodian lady”), there was a lot to love about this latest Bond.

My favorite part about the movie has to be (sorry 007) the new Q. Q is a QT. Actor Ben Whishaw is a dryly humored, erudite would-be Warby Parker missionary – the youngest Q yet. I’m digging him. He’s a great actor, no impeccably tailored suits or big pecs needed (not that I’m faulting Daniel Craig for those, heaven forbid). This Daily Beast interview recaps his awesomeness well.

Now I’m seeing more of my QT every Wednesday night on one of my favorite shows from 2011, The Hour, now in its 2nd season on BBC America’s Wednesday night Dramaville. He plays another leading nerd, this time a journalist, Freddie Lyon, who is adorably angsty over his newroom colleague, played by Romola Garai. I highly recommend watching both. Happy watching!

Photos courtesy of The Telegraph and BBC America

Making a mark

Happy Monday! Magdalena’s off for Columbus Day, but I’m back in my semi-comfortable desk chair in the Financial District. Regardless of the chair’s comfort, my day job is pretty cool and I really like it. It has brought me some great experiences in the past few years, one of them being the Advertising Women of New York Centennial Luncheon Gala last week at Gotham Hall. Gotham Hall is an old bank that was turned into an event venue and it’s stunning. Can you imagine a wedding there? Swoon.

Speaking of the aspirational, one of the speakers at the lovely lunch, Maureen Sullivan from AOL’s Lifestyle Brand division, introduced the audience to the series MAKERS, an AOL/PBS collaboration. The video series interviews amazing women leaders in business, foreign affairs, fashion, science… they are trailblazers, entrepreneurs, glass-cieling shatterers (very official title, that one), and listening them talk about their lives is pretty inspirational. So if you need a little Monday boost, just listen to DVF or Madeleine Albright or Ellen or Christiane Amanpour… you’ll be hooked and start to watch more. Girl Power!

Princes behaving badly

The Prince Harry nude photo scandal cracks me up. The Palace apparently has its collective knickers in a twist about it, but here’s my take:

1. Did we really expect a playboy prince to go Vegas and remain clothed? I mean honestly. If he didn’t do it, what would we talk about? The tanking world economy?

2. When considering the girl hugging him, simultaneously “dumb Vegas skank” and “lucky bitch” come to mind. I’m still not sure which camp I fall into.

3. He’s almost naked in my book. You can’t actually see the royal jewels (such a lame, but good, TMZ pun), so it’s just really another semi-nude man. I’ve been to a nude beach. I watch American TV. This is really nothing new.

4. He needs better door security. These crappy cell phone pictures were taken from 4 feet away, max. He needs fewer sell-outs around if he is going to loin-cloth it with a female friend.

So in light of this scandal, it’s no wonder I have found another ne’er-do-well prince to fill the royal fix… on Hulu. For Brit com and royal enthusiasts, meet The Palace. It will be your free-streaming friend (along with a glass of wine). In the 8 episodes of season 1, you meet a fictional version of the royal family that has just lost its king, only to have a young and playboy POW (Prince of Wales) step up to be KOE (King of England), while shagging the PM’s Comms Director. Oh, it’s good – there’s more intrigue going on as everyone tries to play the new king (actor Rupert Evans). It even features a real-life royal, Sophie Winkleman, who is married to Lord Freddie Windsor, son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. Lady Sophie plays a jealous princess hating on male primogeniture. She’s convincing – watch out, Wills!

Top photo courtesy of E! Online, all other photos are from Episode 3

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