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Minty fresh

When you’re a few drinks in on a lingering summer Saturday with a cool evening breeze coming off the water, you start to feel like you’re an awesome, cutting-edge millennial Martha Stewart who can invent new things. That’s what I thought I had achieved by plundering the mint from the kitchen garden of my boyfriend’s family summer cottage and adding it to a freshly made gimlet. And while it’s delicious, turns out it has indeed been done before. It was just the alcohol talking. But what we did manage to invent was an awesome name for it… drumroll please:

Please meet the “Mojimlet“. It’s your classic gimlet (some say gin, I say vodka… po-tay-to, po-tah-to. It’s all enjoyable in the end), Rose’s Lime Juice and muddled mint. Bottoms up to summer!



My shirt says it all


Anyone who sees me on a daily basis knows I like to break up the stream of empire waist dresses I own with a sassy t-shirt. My other go to look is cropped black jeans and a sassy top. It’s also a good indication of how I started my morning. Either I really woke up on the wrong side of the bed or am expecting the day to be a huge pain in my ass. If that’s the case then it’s best to get bitchy before the day even begins. Normally, I go for shirts with a strong political statement. I am the proud owner of about every HRC t-shirt that exists but when my close friend Katie sent me these t-shirts from Raygun I fell in love. Some of them were completely brilliant but I was afraid some of you might be offended. That would not stop me from rocking them however. 


Attached at the Hip | Cape of Dreams

photo 4

Welcome to the most delayed post vaca post ever. That’s because coming back to real life puts the cray into crazy. But our time spent in Cape Cod was gloriously relaxing and everything we hoped it would be. Life is remarkably less stressful when your primary daily undertakings are making coffee, playing tennis and putting on a bathing suit. Oh and thinking of whether or not you want a scoop vanilla gelato in your iced coffee. Details.


What we learned during this trip:

1. Retirement doesn’t seem like that bad of an idea. In fact, we would be really good at it.
2. Gelato should follow every meal.
3. Freshly made burrata should come before every meal.
4. Wine is really meant to be consumed starting at 2 pm. Maybe 1.
5. iPads should be easier to read when you have to have sunglasses on.
6. We really need to get UV blocking t-shirts to wear while out in the ocean or walking on the beach.

photo 5

Less is more – life is substantially easier when it consists of only 4 outfits: tennis gear, beach gear, post-beach loungewear, and pajamas. And one feels so much healthier when they’re not rushing through their breakfast, taking their time throughout the day, having a chance to exercise everyday. Some people just call that life. Bitches. Why couldn’t we spend our lives just focusing on being healthy? Jealousy.

photo 3

Enjoy all the pics from our trip… check Magdalena’s Instagram


Listen & Learn | Work Hard


TGIF. In the worst way possible. This song pretty much sums it up as I zoom out of the office parking lot at 50 mph with the windows down. Nothing like a good David Guetta remix (David Guetta, Play Hard to be specific) to bring on full-blown euphoria and make me dance like a typical white girl with one fist up and a slightly pursed lip.

Maybe I’ll be rocking out to this after I get home, put yoga pants on, start drinking wine and swiffer my living room. This does a variety of things…

1. Makes me fee less old by allowing me to bust out my moves alone in my apartment since I’m really too old to still go out.
2. Allows house cleaning to be vastly more enjoyable and turns a swifter mop into an integral part of my dance routine. Think ribbon dancing.
3. Wine consumed while exercising really doesn’t count. Neither does eating while walking.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!! I’m sure you all earned it as much as we have.

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