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Ms. Tiffany

Accessorizing is an art that’s sort of lost on me. I wear the same diamond earrings everyday… and that’s where it ends. If I throw on a scarf then things are getting serious. I have to have go-to-pieces for special occasions that are completely idiot-proof. That no matter what formal wear I conjure up they will make me look presentable. For those few and far between occasions I have a go-to-lady. Ms. Tiffany. I love classic styles because they provide a track record of proven femininity.

I absolutely love when iconic brands play up their history and age. What can I say? I like when things have been around for a while and are established. What was good for our grandmothers is good for us too. The Tiffany 1837  collection celebrates the founding year of this American classic. With simple engraving and the elegant combination of 3 metals, I’m totally hooked. Now I just need to decide the piece on which to click “buy.”

photo source: Tiffany & Co.

Beachy Keen

M & I had a phenomenal family beach vacation on Cape Cod this year and I have to say, I finally packed well for a beach stay (this has not been the case in years past). My only hiccup was bringing just one bra and no comfy bralette, but oh well – that’s what stores are for! Here are my favorite items and discoveries that smoothed my sailing on this year’s seaside jaunt. (All puns were intended in that previous sentence.)

And don’t forget – end of summer is a great time to stock up for next year because the beach doesn’t need to be trendy. Get great suits and quality towels that will last. And let’s be real, who wants to pay $70 for a gorgeous beach towel if you can wait and get it for $30? Cha-ching! That’s a how a good hostess does it.

Credits (clock-wise from top left):

*Always take a dress that’s easy to pack and easy to wear.
Crepe Floral Confetti Dress in Milka/Marina, French Connection

* I love stripes on pretty much everything.
Cabana Stripe Towel, Sferra

*I will be young forever. Hmmm… delusional, but at least I’m stopping sun spots. This stuff is great – never clogs pores either.
Sun SPF 50 Face Cream, Clinique

*Have you ever proclaimed you would never wear Crocs? I might have too, but I’ve found they’re actually a fantastic beach shoe.
Adrina Strappy Sandal, Crocs

* Since I’m always asking, “where’s my phone?!”, this type of bag keeps all my stuff in one place, sand-free.
Deluxe Canvas Tote, Ensign

*A fun summer coral if you need it. I do try to keep my nails natural as much as I can at the beach – just a bit too much maintenance to deal with.
Chubby Cheeks, Essie

* My favorite swimsuit company makes classic, elegant shapes in a sporty fabric that can withstand boogie boarding.
Tie-back Maillot, Jantzen

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