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Attached at the Hip | Cape of Dreams

photo 4

Welcome to the most delayed post vaca post ever. That’s because coming back to real life puts the cray into crazy. But our time spent in Cape Cod was gloriously relaxing and everything we hoped it would be. Life is remarkably less stressful when your primary daily undertakings are making coffee, playing tennis and putting on a bathing suit. Oh and thinking of whether or not you want a scoop vanilla gelato in your iced coffee. Details.


What we learned during this trip:

1. Retirement doesn’t seem like that bad of an idea. In fact, we would be really good at it.
2. Gelato should follow every meal.
3. Freshly made burrata should come before every meal.
4. Wine is really meant to be consumed starting at 2 pm. Maybe 1.
5. iPads should be easier to read when you have to have sunglasses on.
6. We really need to get UV blocking t-shirts to wear while out in the ocean or walking on the beach.

photo 5

Less is more – life is substantially easier when it consists of only 4 outfits: tennis gear, beach gear, post-beach loungewear, and pajamas. And one feels so much healthier when they’re not rushing through their breakfast, taking their time throughout the day, having a chance to exercise everyday. Some people just call that life. Bitches. Why couldn’t we spend our lives just focusing on being healthy? Jealousy.

photo 3

Enjoy all the pics from our trip… check Magdalena’s Instagram


Attached at the Hip | Beach Lovers Anonymous

We need to create an organization known as BLA. Beach Lovers Anonymous.  Maybe we should get more specific… Cape Cod Lovers Anonymous? It would be perfect for us. Let’s face it – if we’re going to do seaside, we do it right… nautical, striped, linen, liberal and preppy. And we go all the way to the edge, Provincetown-bound.

While we did miss you all very much, we focused on something very important. Hardcore, mega-intense relaxation. So much so that after yelling “Bring it!” to my doubles opponents, I proceeded to faceplant onto the tennis court. Point was won, so no worries. Agatha, on the other hand, was so driven to conquer the waves on the National Seashore that she got assaulted by a rock flung by the incoming tide and was lucky not to end the trip with a bruised ankle bone. Relaxation is a hard state to get to. First, apparently, you need to feel the pain.

We spent a wonderful week with family. BBQing fresh seafood, going for walks in the dunes, taking family tennis to whole new level, debating numerous world problems, solving none of them, and eating copious amounts of frozen dairy delights. Plain fro-yo is my new jam. We kept a nice balance between the wonderful zen, quiet beaches and the crazy drag queen-filled intensity of Provincetown. We navigated the crowds to shop (I actually got my Christmas shopping idea list going…. sick, I know) and go into galleries. We have a bone to pick with the Naked Boys of Provincetown though. Last year’s guys were way hotter…

Oh and we may have gone through enough wine that we all now have to detox, but that’s fine. Details, details. Our livers have another year before we do it all again next year and love it that much more.

Cape Cod bound!

Off we go for a week of much-needed relaxation. Plenty of time to spend avoiding sunburns, playing tennis with our dad, witnessing heated historical and political discussions (we are usually the peanut gallery), grilling swordfish and sleeping in. We can’t wait to get back to what’s important and makes all life’s daily stresses worth it: getting tanked with your family.

We have a couple things on the editorial calendar for next week, but otherwise, taking things blissfully slow. We will miss you all, thanks to all our hostesses and hosts (even though it’s pink, we know a few men read this blog) for their support! xo

Packing up

Saturday marks the start of our second annual family vacation on Cape Cod. We are beyond excited and look forward to these seven days of heaven from the moment we get an email from our parents confirming the rental the year before. It’s also so much fun to pack for because all you need are bathing suits and sunscreen (in copious quantities).  You don’t need that many things otherwise (you rarely need as much as you bring anyway), just keep the three-color rule in mind, which is a tip from my friend Sophie, an amazing hostess… Only pack items in three thematic color groups that coordinate and use accessories to jazz it all up. That way all of the clothes can be paired together easily, but look distinct. Louis Vuitton’s latest nugget of marketing genius, The Art of Packing (above), has this rule perfected.

Inspired Sophie’s sound advice and LV’s layout, I put together my own beach vacation version of the core basics that will be lining my suitcase (which is, alas, not LV, but a very beat up green thing). Vacation is almost here!!! What vacations are you taking this summer? What are you packing?

Lands’ End sandals, Superga canvas sneakers, D&Y hat, canvas tote from work (similar here), J.Crew bikini, Jantzen bathing suit

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