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As we all know, I have a love for all things Real Housewives. Each episode offers grains of wisdom that Ernest Hemingway would have to killed to be remembered for. Sarcasm. However, some of them entertain me to a point of no return. In episode 2, Season 3 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills there is much discussion of heels. How high is too high? Should one add a platform to go with 5 inch heels? Now as a woman who is 5’7″ I see very little point in massive heels. For me they are an easy way to trip over my own feet or get my heel stuck in a subway grate. I own a pair of patent pumps that got caught in the side walk on the High Line and left me laying spread eagle amongst walking commuters. In the rain – to add insult to injury. But I guess if you’re petite you’ll come up with any excuse to rationalize adding on a couple extra inches.

The reality of my addiction


{ Blog Swapping Series, Part 8: }

On Friday you enjoyed our blog swap with Girly Obsessions for an eighth time. Ash shared her love for the perfect Christmas card… but don’t forget to enjoy our obsessions. Check out my post, where I tell you all about my obsession with the Real Housewives. Of any county. Of any state.


I am admittedly a bit self righteous about intellectual activities, interests and pursuits. That’s what happens when your parent is a university professor. My sister and I are the kind of people that find historical tours and afternoons at art museums fun. However (this is the part where I admit to being a total and complete hypocrite), I have a slight problem. I watch multiple series of Real Housewives on the sly. And I love every single second of it.


After sampling all the Real Housewives portfolio has to offer I’ve come down to 4 casts. However, my love started with the original Orange County cast. First I saw just the hair extensions, spray tans, bad parenting and broken marriages… then something weird happened. I bonded with the characters.

Since then I added New York City, New Jersey, and Beverly Hills to my repertoire. Each group of friends has a different vibe and dynamic. You know there’s something wrong with you when you find yourself taking sides in the deliciously awful cat fights that take place. When they recently reworked the cast of NYC I was actually taken aback. What do you mean you took Kelly Bensimon off the show?! I do have to admit that addition of Aviva Drescher has brought some real quality, on the edge of my seat with a glass of wine in hand, fawkward conversations.


On the flip side for every cast there are the girls that leave me thinking that we could hang out and have great conversation. Melissa Gorga, I got your back any day. Taylor Armstrong, let’s sit with a cocktail and overanalyze stuff together. Carol Radziwill, we could just shop and pretend we’re above it all.

Not to worry. I do actually have friends. Ash is one of them.

Photos courtesy of Bravo TV

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