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Positively loving peonies


Yesterday I walked into my office building past the beautiful garden of tulips and realized tulip season was officially done. All the beautiful green stalks had officially lost their blooms. Sadness. While I love living in an apartment and am an opt-of-house suburbanite, spring is when I have slight jealousy for those who have a yard and can enjoy just a touch of nature outside of their front door. Maybe even plant something. But that takes effort. Never mind. #lazy


So over the last few weeks I’ve been putting tulips everywhere for a little hint of color and nature but it’s time to move on to peonies. Just like tulips they can easily make up a bouquet all by themselves and be cut to be in whatever container happens to be on hand. Set out either a couple at a time or in a huge bunch – they are so beautiful. While not quite as predictable in shape as my beloved tulips, they are so wonderfully rotund that it makes me happy. Clearly I’m easily amused.


Tweaking about tulips


The two seasons I love the most are the ones that go by so fast. Spring and fall. You take a deep breath and blink and it’s done. So sad. I love that point at the end of the winter when it’s sunnier but still cold but you’re excited for the season to change. I just crave wearing a different wardrobe and having things feel alive again. That’s the time when I start getting flowers to keep on the dining table and kitchen counter. If I’m feeling indulgent then in the bedroom too.


My flowers of choice are without a doubt tulips. They are flowers that have the same aesthetic as I do. They are tidy and orderly but feminine. They don’t have unruly leaves or unpredictable shapes. They have a strong stem. They come in a bounty of different bright colors. They don’t need to be accessorized with fluff, filler flowers. They are direct and to the point. We’re pretty. Boom.


Bright colors, big city

It’s barely even snowed properly, but I’m already feeling the warm-weather energy. And with the chicness factor at an all-time high in New York during Fashion Week, my springspiration is… (drum roll, please)… bright, bright colors.

I know, am I Captain Obvious or what? But for me, any brightness is not a given. Typically in the warmer months, I go for the Double N (Nautical and Neutrals), but lately I’ve been a seeing a lot of blondes who are expanding my fashion tastes. It’s hard to become a color daredevil overnight though, so here are the two ways I’m going to bring brights to my life when springtime arrives for real (not this weird half season we’ve got going on right now).

1. Strong, tangerine lip The inspiration for this comes from my coworker Jess. She’s a pale blonde comme moi and rocks the strong lip every frickin’ day of the week and I love it. This particular shade of tangerine (an orange/red/coral combo like Nars Heat Wave), so I’m going to give it a whirl. She gave me her secret for long wear, but I don’t think I can share her secrets just yet! [Photo is from Milly’s runway show]

2. Bright building blocks My newest favorite blogging fashionista, Bee at Atlantic-Pacific, who gives me a severe case of fashion lebensneid, recently made brights more achievable for me by pairing them with other neutral colors and classic accessories. My lesson: brights don’t have to be done together in massive statements, just used as a building blocks, and toned down for colorphobes like myself with what I’ve already got going on in my closet. [And that Céline bag is to die for. Sigh.]

So bring on the brights! And Spring! This colorphobe is ready for the challenge.

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