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Vinho to the verde


Our aunt gets wine reccos from the Times. She knows how to roll. So when an article came out recently about a fabulous, on the down low wine she gave Vinho Verde a try asap. And we’re so happy she did.

At around $7 a bottle, low alcohol content and refreshing bubbles this is better than any spritzer. Thank you Portugal. It’s completely guilt-free and refreshing. You could totally start drinking it with your lunch and just keep on going. For those of us who worry about the consequences of drinking too much in the heat or sun this is the perfect solution.

We’re Cape Cod bound on Saturday with a case. So that’s about 4 days worth of wine. Tops.

Musings | Pellegrino


It’s spring. It’s time to hydrate. Well one must always hydrate but spring makes me want to do it with style and bubbles. Now let’s be honest – I could drink prosecco at literally any time of day. However there is a point where that sways into the territory of full blown alcoholism. For those moments it’s time to pop open a bottle of Pellegrino and feel totally refreshed. I mean it’s the perfect way to enjoy bubbles at your desk – without being judged….

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