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Girl Crush | Christina Hendricks


It’s summer. The state of one’s figure is on everyone’s mind. Do we spend enough time working out? How do we make more ? How do we force ourselves to do it even when we hate it? Are we eating as healthy as we can? What could we do that we aren’t already doing? How do we do enough so we are at peace with ourselves about what we can physically achieve? Of course when I say “we” I mean “me.” Clearly it’s something that sort of looms over my head as I stop taking any sugar in my latte. Sadness. Sad lack of sweetness.


Then you have moments of remembering that being preoccupied with it isn’t going to help anyone. All you can do is what your schedule allows and try your best to be as healthy as you can. Having anxiety about it won’t get you anywhere. You need to come to a certain peace with accepting what mother nature has granted you. You also need to learn to love the moments when you feel good about the state of things.

Watching Christina Hendricks in Mad Men always reminds me bigger features aren’t necessarily worse. It’s all about how you rock them. And she’s all the more beautiful with the confidence she has in them.


They may be young but she’s 75 and stunning


A lot of people in my office get free magazines because they’re on one media list or another. And while I do dig around and try to grab The Economist or Harvard Business Review, my top mailroom score is an issue of People. Sad, but true. Most recently, I dug up the 2013 World’s Most Beautiful List issue. Le sigh.


The cover girl, Gwyneth Paltrow, is gorgeous as usual (and apparently works out intensely for at least an hour everyday – sweet baby J, I do not have that kind of motivation… and it shows?), but inside there was a picture (and interview online) of Jane Fonda that really piqued my interest.


The actress (and fitness guru of high-cut 80s leotard repute) looks incredible at 75. Did you see her at the Oscars? She said to People: “I do yoga three times a week. I’m learning tai chi, and when I go home, my assistant drops me at the bottom of the hill and it’s a mile to walk up.” Plus, “I don’t forget to take supplements; I moisturize; I have a lover [music producer Richard Perry, 70]; and I’m careful about what I eat.”

If that’s the formula to looking phenomenal (plus a few nips and tucks? Despite my intense admiration for her outlook, skepticism of her fabulosity sneaks in, from fear?), well then, let me follow that to a T. Including having an assistant who drives me places. Ah, to be 75 and stunning.

Photos courtesy of People


Le Style Möbius

möbius movie poster

April is the month of film festivals in New York, ironically drawing you into movie theaters as the weather improves and the cherry and magnolia trees blossom. I caught a movie Sunday night with friends at the tail end of Tribeca Film Festival. Lucky gal that I am, my job hooked me up with some tickets to a sold-out screening of Möbius, the Franco-Russian spy thriller starring Oscar-winning Jean Dujardin (he does crazy things with his eyebrows… please look at the Google Images results) and the stunning Belgian actress Cécile de France.


The movie is really good and I highly recommend it, but what I couldn’t get over was how stunning Cécile’s character was – the costume stylist was a frickin genius on this movie. She was elegant, sleek, but with a hint of casual confidence. Very Côte d’Azur with all the linen as well. I’ll be taking some cues from her onscreen wardrobe for this summer. I clearly need to head over to Façonnable and get my hands on on a pair of those glorious Garrett Light shades



Musings | Heels

As we all know, I have a love for all things Real Housewives. Each episode offers grains of wisdom that Ernest Hemingway would have to killed to be remembered for. Sarcasm. However, some of them entertain me to a point of no return. In episode 2, Season 3 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills there is much discussion of heels. How high is too high? Should one add a platform to go with 5 inch heels? Now as a woman who is 5’7″ I see very little point in massive heels. For me they are an easy way to trip over my own feet or get my heel stuck in a subway grate. I own a pair of patent pumps that got caught in the side walk on the High Line and left me laying spread eagle amongst walking commuters. In the rain – to add insult to injury. But I guess if you’re petite you’ll come up with any excuse to rationalize adding on a couple extra inches.

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