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Cos you’re lovely

Pinterest, blessed thing, introduced me to COS (Collection of Style), a delightfully priced, minimalist chic store from H&M. From the moment I discovered it neither existed in the US nor shipped to the US, my interest was piqued. So when I went to Warsaw in May, I decided that I had to make a point to go there. And I did. Twice.

It was so good. I ran around like a crazy person trying to prioritize and catalogue what I wanted to try on and what I could afford and what I would wear the most and what would be a fun statement… yes that was a run-on sentence. Now you know what I felt like in the store.

After all of that frenzy, I only ended up getting two things, but it was a great start to what I’m hoping will be a long love affair with COS. I’m going back to Europe this fall and next spring, so if they don’t launch their US store in the meantime, I have a back-up plan. I hope H&M leadership falls through on their hints.

1. This back pleat dress has been indispensible already and if you’re full after lunch, well, no one can tell because it’s a lovely bag.


2. Our parentals bought Magdalena and I both matching sweaters – I’m calling them “Hers and Hers”. They are so perfect for us – not only are they striped, but the two available color combos fit each of our wardrobes perfectly. Pops of bright green for her, and neutrals for me. It really was a match made in (wardrobe) heaven.



Ladylike Spade


The previous weekend’s hot weather dress challenges made think a little about my dress up wardrobe. About which pieces I have that work the best and which ones need to hit the Good Will pile. I have a couple goodies that I will take meticulous care of because I worry I’ll never find anything again that fits so well. For me the constant challenge is finding dresses that make my ladies look nice (not huge) and doesn’t accentuate my abdominal issues.

It also makes me so happy when a single piece can create an entire look. It just makes life that much easier. My version of accessorizing is actually brushing my hair so when I dress up the pieces I wear need to do the heavy lifting for me. Ideally I should be able to put shoes on and head out the door. For this nothing works better than a super simple ladylike dress.


For guaranteed ladylike results there is the go-to Kate Spade. She covers off on some essentials: empire waists, stripes, sheath cuts, classic flares, polka dots and gingham.  Not sure I can actually drop significant bucks on a dress that I wear only a handful of times but these make for excellent inspiration. They also make me contemplate the idea that sometimes you get what you pay for.


photos courtesy of Kate Spade

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