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Fabulously British

{ Blog Swapping Series, Part 7: }

On Friday you enjoyed our blog swap with Girly Obsessions for a seventh time. Ash shared her love for girly reading materials… but don’t forget to enjoy our obsessions. Check out my post, where I tell you all about my obsession with Jack Wills… the Brits know how to take preppiness to a wonderful place. Move over JCrew this could be love.

Between the two of us, Ash has always been the more adventurous dresser. I have never been one for weird fabrics, strange cuts and obscenely bright colors. If an outfit feels like it needs to be checked on or maintained while you’re wearing it then I’m not a fan. I put clothes on and simply expect them to be there until the day is done. Well… depending on how much wine is involved I suppose.

Now as to what I do actually like. It can be gathered onto a nice, short list that is the most preppy thing ever to be seen. Stripes, cropped pants, ballet flats, tweed jackets, sheath dresses etc. The key words are nautical and equestrian. I have saome fail safes for finding clothing but then I discovered a new one. Jack Wills.

We all know I could have been sold entirely based on the navy/pink stripe combo, where as Ash has a love for everything with the Union Jack. If there’s one thing the British can be counted on for it’s classic and preppy. Not to mention how can you not love pretentiousness of a brand that refers to themselves as University Outfitters. It makes me want to put on riding boots and head to St. Andrews for extremely overpriced fish’n’chips.

photo source: Jack Wills

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