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A souped up fall

We’ve already extolled at length about our love for the changing seasons (full disclosure: we probably won’t stop). If this tree doesn’t substantiate more fall gushing, I don’t know how to save your seasonal soul. I snapped this photo this weekend after a game of tennis at a high school in upstate NY that still had its nets up, probably the last game of the year for me. The tree looks like it’s on fire. Unfortunately, pictures don’t convey smells and temperatures, but I assure you, all was perfect.

There was a chill in the air that day that made me want to make a big batch of soup. I went to my Pinterest for some inspiration and ended up making this delicious tortellini vegetable soup I’d been wanting to try for a while. Now I’m hooked on soup. It’s the liquid version of Jackson Pollock from my Save Money Get Skinny days — put a bunch of healthy things in a pot (not totally willy nilly, there is some consideration) and cook it. Honestly, making soup couldn’t be easier and it’s great for a batch of lunches too. I’m disappointed I’ve let Save Money Get Skinny fall by the wayside, because I do still practice it as much as I can, so I’m bringing it back to the blog with a couple posts in the next few weeks about soups and soupmaking. Get ready – it’s going to be delicious!

Top photo © 2012 A Good Hostess Knows When to Use the F-word
Soup photo and recipe courtesy of Family Fun Magazine

Beauty in the Bronx

It’s always fun to find peaceful places in cities like quiet cafes with nice staff who remember your name or random little well-kept corner parks on smaller streets. I compare it with finding a $20 bill on the street. You just feel lucky in that moment and then it brightens your days for a while afterward. That’s how I felt about going to Wave Hill Gardens in Riverdale this past weekend with my friend Alden, blogger extraordinaire at Clean Hippie (see her hanging out with the indentified gourds below – isn’t she adorable?).

The gardens are stunning, the food truck is really tasty and the views are worth the Metro North ride. It’s not a big park and the main mansion was closed (re-opening in June 2013, just in time for someone’s wedding) so we resolved to bring books next time. That way we can have an afternoon sitting in the Rietveld lawn chairs breathing some cleaner air and converting some Vitamin D in the sun.

Note to future hosts and hostesses of visiting parents: this is an awesome activity to show off the five boroughs. M and I have this one on the docket for next time our parents come visit!

Sensual fall

sen·su·al /ˈsɛnʃuəl/ [sen-shoo-uhl]; of or pertaining to the senses or physical; sensory.

This past weekend was filled with crisp breezes, beautiful sunshine and a random monsoon. It was perfect weather for walking, pumpkin picking, apple pie baking and red wine consumption. Agatha spent the weekend camping amidst changing colors in the Catskills, but I stayed at home for some quality fall R&R. Now for some favorite sensory reminders of the weekend as I sit glued to my chair at work…

Attached at the Hip | Apples and laughs

Magdalena: We grew up in Upstate New York and apple picking is not an optional activity. It’s a must-do and a right of passage. The season isn’t complete without putting on comfy clothes and climbing into trees while being surrounded by bees. Pie-making is dangerous business. It’s also, other than annual camping trips, my yearly close encounter with nature in a more controlled habitat. A Saturday spent giggling while preventing Agatha from falling off of a ladder and then enjoying red wine and delicious meals was just what the doctor ordered for some inner peace.

Agatha: When any season starts I feel like I revel in it and it’s my favorite season. I really think though fall is my all-time favorite season. The weather, the clothes… you’ve heard it all before. But the apples (and their sweet delicious biproducts)… now they are just the highlight. Top of the tree are usually the sweetest and prettiest apples. Climb high. My plans this week include throwing together an apple crumble, but lately, for a simple hit of seasonal apple goodness, I’ve taken to drinking heated cider with a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon. It’s the best. Just like this season.

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