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First farmer’s market of the year


Tomorrow is like my version of a national holiday… It is the first day of farmer’s market season. All the cookbook research I have done for new recipe ideas can start coming to fruition. This year I have made a pact with myself. I am the first person to drool over new ideas but the last to actually make an effort to mix things up. Like with everything if you put too much pressure on yourself to try something new every day then it all goes to hell and you find yourself making the same 3 dishes. So this season I am going to try 2 entirely new recipes a week. Baby steps. Maybe I will share them all with you as I go.

Reading for my tummy

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Changing of the seasons makes me excited about cooking again. The end of winter makes my cooking mojo fizzle. I start making the same recipes over and over and eating out way too often. Eating things that are savory and heavy no longer tastes as great. I start to crave salads and fresh vegetables. Overall I’m just more energized. Getting up early with the sunshine on Sunday to make homemade yogurt all of sudden felt like a good idea. While I was at it I also roasted sweet potatoes and made pancakes. Because why not? I’m up. I’m drinking French pressed coffee and wearing new yoga pants. The suburban world is my oyster.

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Part of my excitement is that my annual favorite day of the year is coming soon. Opening Saturday of the local farmer’s market. With that comes weekends of cooking, freshly baked bread, huge tomatoes, grilling corn, potato salads, pesto making, summer squash and roasting beets: #foodporn. So in preparation for the best day ever I sat this weekend and read through all my favorite cookbooks. Gathered ideas. Refreshed my memory. I absolutely cannot wait for the first tomato, watermelon, spinach and feta salad with a balsamic dressing of the season. Definitely will be washing that down with a glass of cold rosé.

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Farmer’s Market Gear

It’s Saturday. Everyone knows by now what I’ve been up to because I’m pretty predictable. I got coffee and went to the farmer’s market for some zen food time. Today, the morning was beautiful and warm. Granted it’s going to be swelteringly hot later so it’s good that this is a morning activity. Interesting people watching per usual… the hippie baker was back in full effect dancing to reggae behind his stand of freshly baked pies, I made friendly conversation with the pickle stand man while someone’s dog made a morning feast of a little girl’s popsicle.

Every hobby requires gear. So I’ve decided to prove my commitment to the market shopping experience by gearing up and pairing my environmentally sound shopping with the proper equipment.

From farm, to table, to my satisfied stomach

With the beginning of summer comes one of my favorite rituals… getting up on Saturday morning and after a quick workout, going for coffee and then picking out my vegetables in the open air. Anyone that knows me well knows I am certifiably crazy about farmer’s markets.

The market also brings a certain level of entertainment. I love the people who show up that are concerned about how sanitary it is to buy their veggies outdoors. You do realize that’s where they grow right? Or the comment on the fact that the bread smells oddly… good. Well that’s what happens when it comes fresh out of the oven. Or the people who are perplexed by pickles in a barrel…. I’m sorry, how do you think pickling started?

After you tune out all the unnecessary commentary, you can focus on the wonderful task at hand: picking out food. Because other than eating it, comes my second favorite thing, choosing it. I am no chef, as I’ve told you all so many times, but preparing basic things that one can enjoy is so easy when one is working with delicious ingredients that only traveled an hour to come and find you.

I wish I could tell you I show up fully prepared with a shopping list. But let’s not pretend. I’m not that put together. I show up, look around and buy everything that looks yummy and figure out what I could do with it later.

Some of my usual favs…. Potatoes for summer salads, basil for pesto making, berries while they’re in season, freshly baked ciabatta that my carb-loving self will drizzle with olive oil, cucumbers that actually have flavor, beans to pair with a sour cream dip, and pickled peppers that I oddly love to eat with hummus. And my favorite item of the bunch, tomatoes. Beautiful, perfectly ripe tomatoes that you can smell before you even slice them open.

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