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Oh my Google!

I absolutely hate how much crap comes in the mail. I don’t like receiving catalogs I never requested. Does it look like I am old enough to qualify to get the catalog Serene Surroundings? And seriously, enough with the baby catalogs. What mail gods do I need to call in order to stop getting catalogs for kids I do not have? I want catalogs about clothes for younger women (but that doesn’t mean college age skanks), home decorating (for people with good taste), and anything surrounding cooking and/or wine. But who should I give this request to? The mail man?

I started taking myself off of mailing lists slowly because taking all this junk mail down to the recycling bin also irritates me. It’s not even that I’m pissed they are a ridiculous waste of paper… they’re a waste of my energy to look at, decide if I want to peruse them further and then to finally once again have to take them all down 3 flights of stairs and out my back door to the bin.

But all my whining aside, here’s the issue. No matter how advanced I become with online shopping, seeing as I order everything from socks to toothpaste online rather than entering any store, I still enjoy looking at catalogs. They help you get a feel for how you want things to look. As with everything in my life, I have control issues. I want to enjoy them in the comfort of my own home, on my own time, and not only when they happen to show up and violate my mailbox. Then a couple days ago I started using Google Catalogs. Even though it was introduced last August, I hadn’t reached the end of my traditional paper rope, but the time has finally come. Catalog meet iPad. iPad meet catalog. Fabulous. Search by genre or by brand and enjoy the same wonderful page turning experience without the waste, hassle, and general irritation. Utterly glorious.

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