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Attached at the Hip | Ladies who lunch


Today is a huge day for the sis as she embarks on a new work adventure. New neighborhood, new commute, new peeps… a lot of new happenings today! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for her as if it was the first day of school and we were waiting for the bus.

Last week we took advantage of some of her days off and got together for a day of quality sister time. Relaxation, general decompression, alcohol consumption and shopping were key goals that we wished to achieve. We live a pretty rough life.

We started with a ladies lunch at the Dressing Room in Westport, Connecticut. Sundresses, white wine, and multiple courses over a period of several hours provides time for a lot quality discussion (a.k.a. gossiping). We were very pleased to find our tomato soup (with mini grilled cheese… most yummy combo ever!) starters were actually not as fattening as we suspected. That doesn’t happen often. Usually yummy means it goes directly to your bum. The waitress calmed our waistline fears by explaining that the soup was made thick by repeated simmering and straining of delicious tomatoes as opposed to adding cream. Anything that makes us feel less guilty is a thumbs up in our book. Of course, I followed up that healthiness with a serving of fresh made pasta with duck ragù. So the success was short lived. But the serving was small, I swear!

We, however, have a bone to pick with all the leisurely ladies of Fairfield County. There were no ladies lunching. It was all 70-year-old men. Clearly, we didn’t get the afternoon yoga memo.


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