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A summer of salads


After spending a week away from home for a photoshoot there’s one way to some up how I feel. Gross.

I cannot wait to get home and actually prepare my own food again. While I absolutely love trying restaurants and eating out, it’s only enjoyable when it’s completely optional. When the question of what do you want for for dinner turns into a ring around the rosie of what place is going to dictate your portion size for the evening it loses its glamour.

This weekend will be spent picking out all sorts of veggies at the farmer’s market and getting some roughage back into my system. I will be roasting beets, washing beautiful greens, soaking chickpeas and making pesto. It will be a full on salad celebration. For me it’s like therapy. When you spend an entire week doing things for other people it’s nice to spend quality time taking care of your own chi for a little while.


Look to Martha for some inspiration: tomato beet saladromaine salad with crispy prosciutto and white beans; and chicken, chickpea and pesto salad

Souped up gear


Have I mentioned how much I love soup? It’s like the stockpot liquid version of Jackson Pollock. Throw a bunch of healthy stuff in a pot, pour some liquid in, and cook it. It’s absolutely perfect to cook a batch for the weekly lunch (unless you hate leftovers… in which case I feel sorry for your budget). Talk about Save Money Get Skinny too (it gets a hastag now,#SMGS). Nutritious, delicious, and a bang for your buck. Have I sold you yet?

Now, this last particular reason for which I love soup is very New York-centric. It uses minimal dishes/cookware in production and consumption. One cutting board, a stock pot, a ladle, maybe a blender, a container for fridge storage, plus a bowl and spoon to eat and you’re good to go. When you live in ~200 sq feet, these kinds of details matter. Dishwasher? Counter space? Please, in your wildest real estate dreams.

I have lots of soup recipes to pass along, but the latest one that I’m in love with is this creamy cauliflower kale soup (pictured above). I have to preface that although it does not come out looking that smooth or lovely (they must have used collard greens and strained it), it was delicious and easy to pull together.

Here are the key pieces of gear that I’ve found successfully support a soup habit.


Check out all this gear 1. stock pot, 2. hand blender, 3. storage containers and 4. utensil
Top photo courtesy of Marcus Nilsson for Martha Stewart

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