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Outdoor envy


On weekends in the spring my condo ownership seems a bit lack luster and I start to get a touch of patio lust. Just a little taste of the outdoors would be nice. Let’s not go all willy-nilly suburban and say that I would want acreage that I would then complain to my friends about having to mow (I’m pointing fingers and you know who you are…) but it would be nice to sip coffee outdoors on Saturday morning. Maybe also drink a mimosa or enjoy a poached egg.


When I think of outdoor space I mainly think of it in terms of entertaining. Let’s be honest, the SomeEcard “I’m outdoorsy in that I like getting drunk on patios” completely pertains to me. I don’t want to mow anything, plant anything, spread mulch, collect weeds, negotiate with neighbors about fences or have to call an arborist. Ain’t nobody got time for that no matter what they convince themselves of. This is why the man above invented parks – so you all can go for a walk and sit on the grass without moaning to me about the cost of shrubs or asking me for help blowing leaves.


However as much as I may be griping it would be nice to throw a dinner party outside. All Under the Tuscan Sun status with a long table, carafes of wine, good food being passed around, laughter, music in the background (or this year the incessant noise of cicadas) and a bizarre lack of biting bugs. When I close my eyes this is how I picture it… If there happens to be a vineyard in the background then, I mean, I guess shit happens.


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