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Brit TV is back

parade's end

Now that my Downton fix has ended for the year, and with a cliffhanger (although I knew Dan hadn’t resigned his contract so he needed to be killed off, I was just waiting for when), my Anglophile TV sensibilities were feeling a little bit abandoned. PBS is dried up, and as much as I love Revenge, it is not a great substitute for Maggie Smith’s dry wit.


Needless to say I was thrilled when I opened Town & Country’s March issue this weekend (pictured above) — side note: my magazine stack is overwhelming so I consider the timing with which I read this article to be truly serendipitous — and happened upon a feature of Czech-British playwright Tom Stoppard, who wrote the screenplay for a HBO/BBC miniseries called Parade’s End, premiering on HBO tonight. Based on four novels by Ford Madox Ford, the WWI-era saga follows a young soldier whose marriage starts badly and gets progressively worse, yet he is unable to separate from her or cheat on her even when he falls in a love with another woman… stiff upper lip and all that.

The acting is promised to be brilliant and the costumes look divine. Now I just need to hunt down a login to HBO GO so I can actually watch the darn thing. My good humor for the next few weeks depends on it.


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