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Patterns to remember


Recently I’ve been faced with so many examples of entrepreneurial women that inspire me to focus on figuring out what I want to do. Not what I think I should do. Should I be trying to climb the ladder or should I be figuring out what I find truly satisfying? Oh life’s questions.

Lilly was one of the lucky few that found her destiny completely by accident while running a juice stand. From there came the beginnings of a fashion icon. It makes me wonder if I’ll ever stumble upon the idea that takes me down a new path… and if I do I hope I am alert enough to recognize it and brave enough to follow it.


Rockin’ it Moroccan


All politics aside… the Middle East knows how it’s done. An intriguing culinary past that brings us dishes that are savory and complex, an artistic history that brings beautiful patterns and a landscape that indulges us in deep, intense shades of magenta, indigo and burnt orange… my West African influenced childhood left me completely intrigued with all these things and I have spent the majority of my apartment-occupying adulthood collecting various artifacts to bring those elements into my home.

Upon recent shopping, I found I am no longer the only one digging all these details. There has been an explosion of Moroccan-influenced throw pillows, coffee tables, lamps, tiles and wall colors. My sister incorporated a Moroccan-style lattice Dhurrie rug in her apartment to temper the Pottery Barn prep she has going on in spades. It’s the perfect main theme or subtle addition for living spaces with lots of life, color and texture. Way to go, Morocco! We have yet to make it there, but we’re loving the look.

I love patterns. Oh, yes I do.


I love patterns. Of every kind. In every color. Preferably all together in one space. I love spaces with visual ADD. I feel like they relax me and reduce my OCD. I’m so obsessive that if I combined that with a modern aesthetic I would be found Swiffering my apartment 24/7.

WhIle catching up on missed episodes of Real Housewives, sipping Sbucks and reading the most recent issue of Real Simple this morning I found the article Mix & Match. It was nice to know I am not alone…. There are other people who share my illness.




photo source: Real Simple

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