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Coffee love…


It’s Monday. Ugh. After such a beautiful sunny weekend, to get up and have to sit behind my desk gives me ants in my pants. I wish I could get everything done sitting outside under all the blooming cherry blossoms. So what was necessary to sip in the sunshine? A latte of course. Just a perfect foamy latte with a touch of sugar. It went perfectly with the crisp breeze and blooming tulips (ok the breeze really could be a tad less crisp). This time of year the weather is still cool enough to enjoy coffee being hot. Once the heat picks up it’ll be time to make the annual jump to iced coffee.

Seeing as I’m getting gradually more and more into coffee maybe I should educate myself on all the different options. It can be my back up obsession to wine with all the varieties and flavor intricacies… What better way to learn than with a Pop Chart Lab creation?!


photos courtesy of Pop Chart Lab

I have a chocolate problem…

I have a slightly addictive  personality, especially where chocolate is concerned. I’m not a huge baked goods/sweets person unlike my little sis. Cookies, muffins, cakes and candy… I can take it or leave it. But chocolate? Ohhhhhh chocolate. Whether it’s in bars, chips, truffles, gelato, Nutella or as the scrumptious center of a pain au chocolat… its shape or form doesn’t matter to me. Maybe I should embrace my addiction as much as possible with a super cute print from Pop Chart Lab and bring it into my decorating as well?

photo source: Pop Chart Lab

Making myself feel like me

M is on vacation in the Land of the Scots, but she left us a complete post before she jetted off. Check out some of her beautiful work for a poster show in New London, CT below!

Life is busy, complicated and stressful. When I was younger I’m not really sure that I expected adult life to be quite this full of tasks that aren’t entirely rewarding. One has to make sure that after the day is done, work is completed, dinner is made and laundry folded that you still remember the activities that make you feel like yourself.

My close friend Patti asked me to participate in the Hang in There Poster Show that she’s running in New London at the Hygienic Art Gallery. My reaction in the past would have been to think, “Oh boy just what I need. To do extracurricular work. I barely have enough time to work out.” I decided to actually commit to doing it. To do something to remind myself why I even chose to be a designer in the first place. To do a project without a brief or a client. After all I chose to be a designer because its what makes me in fact me right? Sometimes when one works day in day out it’s easy to forget the answer to that question.

I began the entire process of participating actually being significantly stressed. When asked to do something without a specific need or instruction I realized I didn’t actually know what to do. It ended up taking several weeks of serious thought and a couple evenings of thinking, “Hhhmm maybe if I email Patti that I changed my mind she won’t mind.” Then it turned into a challenge.

Now the end product that I finished with is far from perfect. In fact I still feel it could have used some work. But for a first step in bringing creativity back into my life I think its an accomplishment.

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