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Musings | Where will my spinning take me?


Like most women my age, which I will actually disclose is 32, I am virtually obsessed with my weight. Not necessarily in a productive way. As in I’m very good at complaining about it but not necessarily about taking action. I’ll own that. It’s always on my mind.

There are the questions. Constant questions. And you know you think them too. Did I eat too much today? Should I eat this now because of what I may have to eat later? Does this have processed sugars in it? What shouldn’t have I eaten today? How does that skinny bitch eat a grilled cheese? If I don’t eat this now can I get out of working out later? Who are these people that can handle 1 cheat day and not get thrown off the wagon?

As I embarked on a new diet and workout routine I’ve realized something. I enjoy spinning because it gives you the illusion of having achieved something and getting somewhere. In my case, I’ve spun my way to China.

Musings | Stick vs automatic


My darling NYC residing sister takes advantage of my suburban lifestyle and keeps her car comfortably parked behind my condo complex. This conveniently makes everyday care of her beloved, very used vehicle for me to deal with. It could use a trip to the car wash but I refuse to give in and do it for her (I’m soooo tempted). I do, however, take the car out for a spin every now and again to make sure that everything is still in working order. I have to admit on days when I’m headed into the city there is something very comfortable about taking a car that’s an automatic. Then I realize I’m way too comfortable… in fact I feel a bit lazy… essentially all I’m doing is guiding the car in the right direction and it makes me feel antsy. After all, aggressive driving with a stick shift is the perfect stress release.

Musings | Pellegrino


It’s spring. It’s time to hydrate. Well one must always hydrate but spring makes me want to do it with style and bubbles. Now let’s be honest – I could drink prosecco at literally any time of day. However there is a point where that sways into the territory of full blown alcoholism. For those moments it’s time to pop open a bottle of Pellegrino and feel totally refreshed. I mean it’s the perfect way to enjoy bubbles at your desk – without being judged….

Musings | Lamb and youth


As I get older I have come to find that I have to redefine my wardrobe. Passing the age of thirty means finding that balance of still being youthful enough to be found cute and yet professional. Tough to be taken seriously at work with low-riding pants. I have, however, been known to show a bit too much cleave – but once your girls pass a certain size threshold then seriously where are you supposed to put them? I feel when they pass single letters then they have earned the right to just be out. But in all seriousness, one needs to come to terms with finding an actual style for themselves… and it needs to be one that doesn’t center around how many things you aren’t covering. Mrs. Hodge put it best…

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