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A summer of salads


After spending a week away from home for a photoshoot there’s one way to some up how I feel. Gross.

I cannot wait to get home and actually prepare my own food again. While I absolutely love trying restaurants and eating out, it’s only enjoyable when it’s completely optional. When the question of what do you want for for dinner turns into a ring around the rosie of what place is going to dictate your portion size for the evening it loses its glamour.

This weekend will be spent picking out all sorts of veggies at the farmer’s market and getting some roughage back into my system. I will be roasting beets, washing beautiful greens, soaking chickpeas and making pesto. It will be a full on salad celebration. For me it’s like therapy. When you spend an entire week doing things for other people it’s nice to spend quality time taking care of your own chi for a little while.


Look to Martha for some inspiration: tomato beet saladromaine salad with crispy prosciutto and white beans; and chicken, chickpea and pesto salad

A souped up fall

We’ve already extolled at length about our love for the changing seasons (full disclosure: we probably won’t stop). If this tree doesn’t substantiate more fall gushing, I don’t know how to save your seasonal soul. I snapped this photo this weekend after a game of tennis at a high school in upstate NY that still had its nets up, probably the last game of the year for me. The tree looks like it’s on fire. Unfortunately, pictures don’t convey smells and temperatures, but I assure you, all was perfect.

There was a chill in the air that day that made me want to make a big batch of soup. I went to my Pinterest for some inspiration and ended up making this delicious tortellini vegetable soup I’d been wanting to try for a while. Now I’m hooked on soup. It’s the liquid version of Jackson Pollock from my Save Money Get Skinny days — put a bunch of healthy things in a pot (not totally willy nilly, there is some consideration) and cook it. Honestly, making soup couldn’t be easier and it’s great for a batch of lunches too. I’m disappointed I’ve let Save Money Get Skinny fall by the wayside, because I do still practice it as much as I can, so I’m bringing it back to the blog with a couple posts in the next few weeks about soups and soupmaking. Get ready – it’s going to be delicious!

Top photo © 2012 A Good Hostess Knows When to Use the F-word
Soup photo and recipe courtesy of Family Fun Magazine

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