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Attached at the Hip | On repeat

We both have a tendency to listen to music on repeat. Once we like a song, it goes over and over until we totally overdose on it. While we’re driving, commuting, working out…. on and on it goes. What is different, however, is what we choose to listen to.

M: My jam tends to be anything in a dance, electronic, hip-hop arena. For me this weekend it was Rihanna, We Found Love…. over and over and over. And it’s not just her – she brought in Calvin Harris, who is one of my favorite British MCs, to produce the track. She is so wonderfully angry and a little volatile — as if she could get violent at any given moment. Considering my spasmatic nature this suits me well. It makes me want to dance, which considering I had to get my moves ready for a wedding Saturday night, was very necessary. And you have to love the lofty lyrics that you sing over and over all emotionally and then realize you have absolutely NO idea what they’re supposed to mean.

A: I’m a singer so I like ballads, even rock ones, where I can let the vibrato go wild. F.U.N. (featuring Janelle Monáe), We are Young has that, but the lyrics (that you can, for the most part, decipher) are what keeps me coming back to it… they are oddly therapeutic for some reason. And who doesn’t like free therapy? I’m all about free, so here’s how my therapy session goes to this song… It reminds me of college and fresh ambition and optimism that you’re going to make it even though you have no idea what your criteria for “making it” is yet. And then you figure out that can’t plan for how any of that will play out, so as much as you can control your next month of weekends (they book up irritatingly quickly… how is my next free weekend in June?), you can’t control bigger things with relationships and career stuff. So this song reminds me that as much as I love to make lists and try and plan it all out, I should put. the. pen. down. And just be 24, not the worry wort into which I have a tendency to morph frequently.

Happy Birthday Rihanna!

Rihanna is… well…. kind of amazing. Beautiful, talented, provocative and more often then not a bit crass… we just have so many reasons why we can’t get enough of this starlet. Who doesn’t love a woman who has the gusto to shave half her head, perform onstage almost naked with confidence and all the while be amazingly hot?! We can only imagine that she is a hostess that constantly uses the f-word.

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